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Visual Management Board Examples

Explore visual management board examples used by businesses to improve communication, increase productivity, and achieve goals. Get inspired and create your own board!

Main Components of the Kanban Board

Get to know the core elements of Kanban! As a visual representation of the work process, Kanban boards help you increase productivity, reduce waste, and achieve goals faster!

Kanban in a Nutshell

Get a clear understanding of Kanban and its benefits in managing projects and tasks with our concise guide. Learn how to apply Kanban start improving your team performance!

Kanban Calendar

Kanban gives you transparent process visualization of the process state and bottlenecks. By adding a calendar to Kanban, you'll ensure that no task slips through the cracks!

Kanban Swimlanes

Tired of cluttered boards and ineffective work processes? Do you want to take your team's productivity to the next level? It's time to discover the power of Kanban Swimlanes!

Visual Management Board

Streamline your workflow and enhance teamwork with our Visual Management Kanban Board, a dynamic tool for transparent communication and well organized collaboration.

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards will help you manage your projects visually, and significantly increase your team productivity.

Choose the best Kanban software

Kanban Tool provides the best Kanban software for visual project and process management. Empower your business productivity with Kanban boards.

Kanban - what exactly is it?

Kanban is a highly efficient method of workflow management. Learn what Kanban is, and how to improve your processes with the Kanban method.

Kanban System Examples

A Kanban system is one that implements a project management method with respect for 2 simple rules: a visualization and a limitation of the work process.

Kanban Card

The Kanban method is easy and effective way of managing work, and its basic attributes are Kanban cards. Find out what information to place on the cards for best results wi...

Offline Kanban

If you're looking for a secure offline Kanban project management software, consider trying one of the most successful applications: Kanban Tool On-Site. Learn what makes it...

What is a Kanban System?

Explore the principles and benefits of Kanban, from its origins in manufacturing to its application in project management. Discover how to implement Kanban systems effectiv...

Lean Kanban Project Management

Discover the combination of Lean and Kanban for project management to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and optimize project delivery!

Lean Software Tools

Looking for a good way to make your business a Lean business? Creating a common workflow for an entire process is the first step to going Lean. See how a Lean software tool...

Free Kanban Tool

Sign up for a free Kanban Tool and take advantage of the feature-packed Free plan. Increase your productivity and control your workload with great success.

Kanban eBook

You keep hearing about Kanban, but it's still not clear to you what it is? Grab this free Kanban ebook to get a clear and easy introduction to the Kanban method.

Personal Kanban with Kanban Tool

Manage your daily jobs with Personal Kanban provided by Kanban Tool to increase your satisfaction. Get motivated to exceed your own expectations of yourself.

The Kanban Method

Discover the six steps to implementing the Kanban method in your process — improve team collaboration, streamline the process, and start achieving high-quality results faster!

Kanban Template

Unlock process efficiency with a Kanban board - explore a range of ready-to-use Kanban Tool board templates created to make your transition to agile project management a br...

Process Management Tool

Explore how a process management tool can revolutionize your workflow, driving efficiency, automating tasks, and reducing costs and errors. Your business cannot afford not ...

Kanban Cycle Time vs Lead Time

An easy to understand description of the difference between lead and cycle time, allowing you to appreciate the importance of keeping them as close together as possible. Vi...

Kanban Metrics

Unlock project success with Kanban metrics, revolutionizing workflow efficiency and team performance through visual, automatically generated analytics and process optimizat...

Kanban Cycle Time

This is the diagram you turn to, when looking for information on process throughput - which is the very information on which your business will be judged by customers, as w...

Kanban Chart

Kanban is an easy project management method. While using Kanban Tool application, you get to benefit from a number of automatically generated charts, analyzing your team's ...

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram is the most insightful analysis associated with Kanban. It helps you see the workflow at one glance and identify any problems immediately. And since...

Scrum Software

Discover how Scrum software revolutionizes project management, fostering team collaboration and efficiency. Explore the iterative approach that prevents unnecessary work.

Agile Board Software

Elevate your business productivity with Agile board software, empowering teams with transparent task management, adaptability, and collaborative efficiency.


Scrum-ban is an Agile project management method, coming from the joining of Scrum and Kanban. Learn more about its characteristics - find out which best Scrum and Kanban fe...

Agile Project Management Tool

Discover how Agile project management tools enhance team collaboration, workflow visualization, and progress tracking. Empower your team with the versatile Kanban Tool, tai...

Personal Kanban Software

Personal Kanban Software is the right tool for you if you're looking to find a good solution to manage your tasks where ever you are and whatever you do. Learn about the po...

Free Kanban Board

If you are looking for a free Kanban board, you are in the right place! Kanban Tool provides free Kanban boards for your everyday chores or for professional business manage...

Visual Management

Explore the transformative power of visual management in business operations. Discover how Kanban Tool's customizable features elevate team productivity and streamline work...

Online Kanban

Use online Kanban to improve your team performance and boost productivity. With an online board you're gaining office independence, workflow access for the whole team and a...

Kanban Project Management

Kanban is a successful and easy method of organizing and following workflow. Visualize it graphically and limit the amount of work allowed to be in progress at any time. Pr...

Scrum Board

Scrum is a simple project management method, in which goals are reiterated in regular intervals - Sprints. Kanban Tool works great for Scrum board management, allowing full...

What is Kanban Tool?

Kanban Tool is software for managing projects and processes, aligned with Kanban method. Try the original tool for Kanban to increase your productivity and streamline your ...

Scrum, Kanban

Scrum and Kanban are both project management methods. What are the differences between the two and what shall be the result of combining them? Find out the differences betw...

An Online Kanban Board

This will be of great help if you're struggling with staying on top of your work, either because of the sheer amount of it, or because of the lack of ability to project-man...

A One Minute Introduction to Kanban

If you keep hearing about Kanban (or Canban) but have no idea what it is, still - it intrigues you - take just one minute to find out what it is!

Manage your workflow with Kanban

Find out how to increase your business' overall productivity by following two simple rules - limiting the work in progress and visualizing the workflow graphically.

Why would you want to use Kanban?

Kanban - we keep hearing about it, but what is it, and how exactly can your business benefit from using it? Learn the basics and see what areas of your business can be impr...

Kanban versus Scrum

A detailed comparison between the two most popular methods used in Agile software development. Learn the difference between Kanban and Scrum and decide which one will be be...

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a highly efficient Agile project management method, that uses a visual approach to reduce waste, improve workflow and to help better manage processes.

Collaborative Project Management

This is an effective method for managing complex projects. An appropriate software is the key element of this concept, allowing your team to cooperate in real-time and make...

How to Overcome Procrastination?

We're all guilty of putting off the things we need to do! Let's tackle this wasteful habit head-on by looking into practical strategies to combat procrastination and enhanc...

Business Project Management Software

Transform your business with efficient project management software, optimizing operations and fostering collaboration for sustainable growth - try Kanban Tool today!

A Fast Track to Higher Productivity

This insightful Kanban presentation explains how to improve employees' productivity with the original online Kanban boards. See for yourself how your team's performance can...

Kanban Software Development

The Kanban method helps teams visualize and significantly improve software development processes, through following three simple principles: keeping WIP limits, measuring l...

An Online Task Board

Looking for a web based task board for managing work and projects? Online Kanban helps teams to identify workflow problems, eliminate waste and significantly improve their ...

Ramp Up Your Performance

Master the art of productivity with proven strategies focusing on prioritization, deep work, task management, and technology integration, guiding you toward efficiency, imp...

Kanban Online

This is an ideal solution for distributed teams. Using Kanban online boards helps to communicate and collaborate with all team members in real-time. This method is consider...

Visual Task Manager

This kind of a tool will help you organize your work and monitor the project performance. It's the easiest way to beat your competitors and grow your business. If you don't...


Learn how Scrumban combines the flexibility of Kanban with the structure of Scrum to optimize your project management process. Dive into the best practices, benefits, and i...

Scrum Task Board

Get to know a powerful tool that allows teams to manage the workflow visually, analyze and improve the results. The task board plays an important role in every Scrum team's...

Kanban Board Examples

Kanban boards have many types of use. This presentation shows the examples of their different styles together with a brief description of the application that manages them ...

Scrum Board Online

A Scrum board is an online tool for team collaboration. Using it can help you improve productivity by allowing collaboration in real-time, making the process transparent an...

Meet Kanban methodology

This methodology is all about learning how to optimize current workflow process and how to identify opportunities for effective improvements. Utilize the 2 simple rules to ...

The Lean Startup Kanban

Read about the innovative approach introduced by Eric Ries. Learn the concept of Lean Startup Kanban and the application of the Lean board. This can be a beginning of a gre...

Kanban WIP Limits

Boost your team productivity and focus with Kanban WIP limits. Streamline the workflow, increase process throughput and say goodbye to unfinished tasks once and for all!

Project Management

Grab the 9 helpful tips on how to successfully deal with difficult projects and complicated people, impossibly short deadlines and a limited budget. Great place to start to...


Scrumban is an Agile project management method, basing on combined elements of Scrum and Kanban.

Kanban Software

Try the best enterprise Kanban software and boost your team productivity and efficiency. Read these six tips on how to choose the best Kanban software.

Kanban vs Scrum

Read a thorough comparison between the most popular methods that are commonly used in Agile software development - Kanban and Scrum. Find out which is best for what kind of...

Kanban Analytics and Metrics

Kanban Analytics in a nutshell. Read this comprehensive article on how to understand and analyze Lead and Cycle Time and Cumulative Flow diagrams. Find out how they can ben...

10 Challenges that Kanban Tool Solves

Grab this infographic, presenting the list of ten work-related issues that can be easily overcome by using Kanban Tool. Plenty of useful information in one small graphic.

5 Kanban Board Principles

Learn these Kanban board principles, which will help you to create your first board and increase your productivity in a blink of an eye.

Personal Kanban Board

Learn about Personal Kanban boards to improve your productivity. Personal Kanban boards help to visualize, control and optimize workflow. Try Personal Kanban by following 5...

Kanban Presentation

See probably the best Kanban presentation. Learn how to implement Kanban in your business process to empower your productivity.

What is an online Kanban board?

An online Kanban board is one of the most efficient tools for improving team productivity. Visualize the workflow on an electronic board in line with Kanban method.

Visual Project Management

Discover a transformative approach to illustrating projects and tasks progress - to amplify work visibility, promote seamless team communication, and elevate your project s...

Kanban Examples

The idea of Kanban explained through examples. Kanban is probably the most effective tool to improve your business productivity. Visualize your workflow on Kanban boards.