Kanban ExamplesThe most common examples of Kanban boards

Kanban is really easy to implement, no matter how complicated a process is. Take a look at our Kanban examples, for a little inspiration. Then, create your first Kanban board with a predefined board template. Getting started with Kanban is easier than you may have thought!

Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban board

    Want to use Kanban to organize your private tasks?
    Divide your board into 3 basic columns:
  • To do to store and organize things you want to work on.
  • In progress with a limit, to keep you from multitasking.
  • Done - for reference and to track your past activity.

Time driven Kanban example

Do you plan work in a time based manner? Time driven workflow is a perfect replacement
of a calendar. Using a Kanban board, you can prioritize work and schedule it for next months, weeks and days. Visualize your goals and monitor progress with insightful Kanban analytics.

Time driven Kanban

Event driven Kanban

Kanban board with event driven columns

This example of a Kanban board works best, if external events determine which tasks are ready to be worked on. It is the most commonly used board template among Lean and Agile software development teams! Try it, together with Kanban Tool's seamless time tracking.

Your Kanban board in an instant

Kanban Tool allows you to create your first Kanban board in just few minutes. Start by choosing one of our predefined board templates, and customize it to your needs. Keep track of all tasks and projects in real time, all in one place. Sign up now for a free trial »

Kanban Softwared

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