Kanban Boards

Online Kanban Boards for business
real-time view of what people are working on

  • visualize work as task cards placed on a Kanban board
  • track multiple projects on a board using horizontal swimlanes
  • add extra functionality & customize nearly anything with Power-Ups
  • collaborate in real time with your team members
  • organize, control and optimize workflow
time tracking

Time Tracking & insightful Kanban analytics
gain complete control over your project

  • get insight into project status & predict when specific jobs will be done
  • track your working time effortlessly with seamless time tracking
  • analyze workflow and remove bottlenecks with cumulative flow diagram
  • monitor and improve work efficiency
Kanban Tool mobile apps

Visual Project Management on the go
the smarter way to manage work: anywhere & anytime

  • track workflow visually on Kanban boards and monitor performance with ease
  • use free Android, iPhone and iPad apps for visual collaboration on the go
  • connect Kanban boards to your favourite online applications with integrations
  • share files and collaborate with your team more efficiently in real-time
Kanban Tool On-Site for visual project management

Kanban Tool On-Site
gain complete control over your data

  • host Kanban Tool on your company server
  • use secure solution for enterprises in highly regulated industries that cannot send sensitive data to the cloud
  • manage data backups according to your internal policy
  • install the software easily within 15 minutes
  • learn more >>

        free trial - no credit card required

Kanban Tool features:

Online Kanban Board

  • Unique Kanban board design resembling a clean whiteboard
  • Various predefined, customizable board templates:
    basic, time driven, event driven, product development, sales pipeline and online marketing
  • Flexible workflow editor with support of horizontal rows - swimlanes
  • Intuitive, simple, drag&drop interface
  • Kanban board cloning
  • On-click collapsible columns and swimlanes, allowing focus on specific areas only
  • Work in progress limits - WIP limits
  • Task transfer or copy between Kanban boards
  • Tasks archive and archive search
  • Advanced board search and search filters, incl. collapsed areas
  • Available in all major browsers:
    Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, MS Edge and Internet Explorer 8+
  • Works well on touchscreen devices and tablets
  • Interface available in 9 languages:
    English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Czech and Russian
  • Express Kanban board tutorial
  • Express Kanban board switcher
  • Robust Kanban Tool Support section
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Advanced in-column card sorting
  • Mobile access via browser or dedicated apps
  • Due date reminder and work summary emails
  • Process Automation new

Kanban Card

  • Customizable card template:
    description, external id, external links, card type, task difficulty, assignment with email notifications, tags and estimated time
  • Up to 15 custom fields of various type:
    free text, dropdown with options, external link, date picker, number or user dropdown
  • Deadline management with due dates and priorities: low, normal, high
  • File attachments with image preview
  • Kanban cards cloning
  • Card transfer to collapsed columns
  • Comments with email notifications, file attachments and clickable hyperlinks
  • Sortable to-do lists with progress countdown
  • Full card history for each task card
  • 22 card colors
  • Quick-access context menu for cards
  • Easy tasks synchronization with external programs
  • Full screen editing view of card description
  • Keyboard shortcuts in cards
  • Direct links for each card

Real-time Collaboration

  • Team collaboration with real-time updates
  • Advanced board sharing options: board or folder access
  • Team member task assignment
  • Email notifications on task assignments and comments
  • Adding tasks and replying to comments via email
  • Information field / subheading on boards
  • An always accurate view of project progress
  • On-board notifications of recent changes made by collaborators


  • Developer tools with available scripts :Swimlane Auto-Assign, High Contrast, Large font, Card tilt, Delete all, Fixed cards height, Task done, Move to Done, Change column, Cycle time
  • Team activity widget
  • Card blocking
  • Card aging
  • Add task box
  • Task navigator
  • Auto assign
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Postponed Tasks
  • Web attachments
  • Calendar widget
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive
  • Checklist Templates
  • Activity Notice
  • Kanban Cast
  • truDigital Signage
  • Emoji Picker
  • Custom Theme
  • Interactive Checklists
  • Task Summary
  • Card Legend
  • Card Covers new

Advanced Kanban Analytics & Metrics

  • Seamless time tracking
    - timer follows your workflow start and pause stages
  • Time reports of accurate time spent on projects and tasks
  • Cumulative flow diagram for bottleneck identification
  • Lead vs. cycle time comparing diagram
  • Breakdown charts with quick insight into task distribution
  • Data export to Excel or CSV files
  • Data import from a spreadsheet
  • Board mass-update capabilities
  • Data filtering features and extensive search capabilities
  • Global search functionality: all boards search range
  • Board filtering beyond ready-made menu options


  • Kanban Tool Android App
  • Kanban Tool iPhone and iPad App
  • Zapier – trigger: new card creation
  • Apiant integration
  • Task attachments: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box
  • Tasks export to calendars: Google, iCal and Outlook
  • Flexible and thoroughly documented API for own systems integration
  • JIRA® integration:Chrome extension - Kanbanira
  • Chrome extension for express task creation
  • Creating tasks and responding to comments via email
  • Board data export Excel/CSV
  • Advanced data import from Excel/CSV
  • Multiple team members invitations via CSV
  • RSS feeds with board activity

Security & Reliability

  • Kanban Tool On-site version available new
  • 99,99% service uptime over past 8 years
  • Daily, full off-site backups
  • SSL/HTTPS connection encryption support
  • Single sign-on (SSO) available
  • Seamless maintenance - major updates made during weekends only
  • Real-time data replication and redundant infrastructure for high availability and reliability
  • Structured account access privileges: account owner, account administrator, project manager & regular user
  • Project/board varied access privileges: full, custom or read-only access
  • Random password generator available
  • Two-factor Authentication available new