Learn all about the many ways in which your Kanban Tool experience can be enhanced. Power-Ups allow you to enable external integrations and switch on additional board and card features that make use of the service that little bit better.

What are Power-Ups?

How can I enable Power-Ups?

Web Attachments Power-up

How to use Kanban Cast with Kanban Tool?

How can I use Card Aging?

What can I use Card Block for?

How to Upload a Personalised Background?

How to use the Recurring tasks Power-Up?

How to enable Interactive Checklist view?

How to enable a calendar view on a board?

How to speed up task creation: Add Task Box

Quicker Tasks Navigation

How to stay up to date with my Team's activity?

I want to change how my board looks

What is Auto Assign for?

What does the Activity Notice refer to?

Can I create my own Power-Ups? Meet the Developer Tools!

Checklist Templates

Postponed Tasks

Task Summary - More Data on Closed Cards

Card Legend

Card Covers - Quick Access to Attachments

Pinboard - attach files and links to your board

Task Dependencies