Kanban board

Learn how to start, edit and clone your Kanban board. Information on managing the board's shape: swimlanes and columns, adding policies and WIP limits, as well as smarting-up the look of your boards.

How to edit a board?

What are swimlanes and how to use them?

Is it possible to add columns or swimlanes to an existing Kanban board?

How to collapse a column or a swimlane on my Kanban board?

How to set a Work in Progress (WIP) limit?

How do I add Kanban policies to my Kanban board?

How can I print a Kanban board?

Why use multiple boards and what can I use a board for?

My cards are out of alignment and my board looks messy. What can I do to fix it?

Can I clone my boards?

I cannot see any boards or folders, why? How to share a board?

When should I move a task to Waiting?

Where can I see a card type legend?

Am I able to change the clock setting on the Kanban Board to our time zone?

How to sort cards on my board?

Multiple selection: How to edit a number of tasks at once?

How to manage my project backlog?

Does Kanban Tool have a Sprint feature?

Is there an auto-archive feature?

Can I make my board larger?