Take advantage of Kanban Tool's great features. Find out how to send tasks to Archive, add information by external files, use email notifications, RSS feeds and how to filter your board and manage attachments. Together with tips on understanding the analytics.

How to archive tasks on a Kanban board?

How can I put a task from the archive back on the board?

When do I get email notifications about task or project status change?

How to enable email notifications?

What are the reporting capabilities of Kanban Tool?

Do you offer RSS feeds?

When I duplicate a task or a board, my comments do not carry over. Why?

I cannot find an option to filter tasks by user. Is it possible?

Can you set email alerts for new jobs and due dates?

How to evaluate the Lead & Cycle Time diagram?

Is it possible to delete all tasks in any active or archived column?

Can I place folders within folders?

Is there a way to reset analytics tracking?

Can I export all my attachements at once?

How can I create and access online Kanban Tool notes?

How to quickly see what my team is up to?

How to see most recently updated cards?

Why can't I add files to my cards?

How to quickly change location of a card?

How to search through my boards? Using global search

Can I save a filtered view of my board?

Is there a due date reminder functionality?

Is it possible to mass update tasks?

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