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In the 2 months, we have managed to cut down our issue backlog by about 15% inspite of seeing 2 weeks which showed a steep rise in new bug reports. Kanban sure has worked wonders for our team and we are hoping to keep it that way. Update (11th July): The team went on to break a record of sorts. After compensating for the inflow, our backlog is now down by almost 50% now. Kanban does work.


This product has revolutionised communication for us. Team members from UK/off-shore are communicating in real time a lot more; teams are unblocking themselves quicker; everyone is focusing on bottlenecks; devs are collaborating with testers better; inter-team dependencies are clear; and It has given management more visibility of progress than they've ever had before. We've only been using it for a few weeks and it's changed everything.

Sarah Johnson

After giving it a go for a few weeks our productivity was through the roof, so I asked them to present our findings to management. The benefits spoke for themselves, so management were keen to roll out to the whole dept.

The great thing about kanban is you can apply it on top of whatever you're currently doing, so there's very little risk or disruption involved in individuals or teams giving it a go.

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