Geneva Airport ITC Department using Kanban

Customer story

Geneve Airport

Industry: IT systems administration

Use case: IT Process and project management

Organization: Geneve Airport ITC Department - software maintenance and implementation organization

Favorite feature: the ease of configuring the service

Geneve Airport is the second largest airport is Switzerland, serving over 15 mln passengers every year. The ITC Department manages the software use and implementation within the organization. Read an interview with Gabriel Laroche on how he and his Team manage processes and projects successfully using Kanban Tool.

Please, tell us what your work is about.

We are working in the ITC department of the Geneva Airport. We are a team of 7, focusing on the maintenance and exploitation of actual software, and on the implementation or development of new ones (projects). We work in collaboration with many suppliers who need to interact with Kanban boards when they work on site or remotely.

What kind of processes do you manage using Kanban Tool?

We manage all of our tasks with Kanban Tool, especially our maintenance and exploitation work. We attempt to follow our projects tasks with it in the future too.

Could you describe your work flow?

The workflow is quite standard, from a backlog which can be fed by a user call, an incident or a request (managed by ServiceNow), or simply different projects tasks that we have to complete.

What does your board and card template look like?

We have created different boards corresponding to our different specialties in IT - for example Financial, HR, Collaborative, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Development etc. A typical IT development board consists of the following stages:

  • Backlog
  • Pre-Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Budgetary Allocation
  • Development
  • Technical Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Development
  • Preparation for Production
  • Done

Each of the stages is divided into two sub-columns - Working and Done for even more visibility.

IT operations airport Kanban board

What adjustments did you make in order to improve your work flow?

We actually are still in process of editing the boards and adjusting our processes. We already have changed our processes a lot by using this tool. It will certainly evolve further.

What features or integrations do you value most in Kanban Tool and why?

Kanban Tool is very easy to configure and we've very quickly had an efficient tool to follow our tasks.

What are the most important benefits of using Kanban Tool for you?

Kanban Tool gives us better visibility on our activities and provides a simpler way to communicate with our suppliers and managers on the ongoing tasks.