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What is a Kanban board?

A Kanban board is one of the most popular tools for boosting team productivity. None of the existing project management methods are as easy and efficient to use as the Kanban method. Kanban boards have become popular among many companies across various industries and are improving many an organizations transparency, productivity and efficiency.

Traditional Kanban boards were a great invention, but this is even more groundbreaking - an online Kanban board! It is a perfect combination of the valued principles of Kanban and the latest technology, that will help your business succeed in a highly competitive market.

Kanban board

A Kanban board in the cloud

An online Kanban board is a solution helping you organize work with colorful cards placed on a virtual board. On a daily basis you're able to visualize, control and optimize workflow and collaborate in real-time with the entire team, no matter where they are. A unique advantage of a virtual Kanban board is the possibility to track and analyze work with time tracking and time reports.

Software development board

Kanban boards can be easily customized to match your team's own workflow and specific needs. For example, many software development teams are implementing shared Kanban boards to increase visibility, handle interruptions and speed up the flow of work. A simple Kanban board allows them to manage the development process, focus on important items and deliver high quality software faster.

Kanban board for software development
Kanban board for sales department

Kanban for sales department

A Kanban board can be useful for visualizing and tracking your sales process, from initial contact throughout the negotiation stage, ending at finalization and going further on to collecting feedback. It can help you create a sales process that is easy to manage & maintain and that will support you in building a strong bond with your customers.

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