Kanban Board for E-commerce Project Management & Web Development

Customer story

Hummel Kanban Tool Use Case

Industry: E-commerce
& web development

Use case: E-commerce project management & web development

Organization: Hummel.net - an online classic sportswear store

Favorite feature: The simplicity of the tool and how easy it is to make a board

Hummel International is a sportswear company based in Denmark, started in 1923 and manufacturing apparel for football, futsal, handball, basketball, rugby league, Australian football, shinty and volleyball. The Use Case shows how their e-commerce and web development team utilize Kanban Tool to manage and distribute their smaller tasks.

Read an interview with Line Bering on how she and her Team manage their web development projects and smaller jobs with Kanban Tool.

Please, tell us what your work is about?

Project management of e-commerce and web development.

What kind of processes do you manage using Kanban Tool?

Single tasks and projects to be completed by different members of our e-commerce and web development team.

Could you describe your workflow?

We assign tasks or projects for each other in a backlog, and then I – as the team leader – decide which tasks/projects are most important and move these into a “to-do” lane. And then the assignee move the card into “doing” and then “done” after completion. It’s very simple, but it works for us as we have a lot of small tasks.

What does your board structure look like?

The board is divided into 5 swimlanes, each one representing its own, overall work area. These are divided into Backlog, To do, Doing and Done. Again: Very simple, but effective.

Have you made any adjustments to improve your performance?

Not many – the standard board template was fine. We just added swimlanes and re-named the columns/stages.

What are the most valuable features to you in Kanban Tool?

The simplicity of the tool and how easy it is to make a board.

What are the most important benefits of using Kanban Tool for you?

That I and my team get the full overview of all our tasks in a simple, visual manner, and that the individual team member can easily find his/her tasks.