OhioHealth Project Management using Kanban

Customer story

Scrum master at OhioHealth

Industry: Healthcare

Use case: Process and project management

Organization: OhioHealth - non profit system of hospitals and healthcare providers

Favorite feature: board customization and accessibility from anywhere

OhioHealth is a non-profit organization that manages several hospitals in Ohio and Columbus. With over 20,000 physicians, associates and volunteers, it was a challenge to find a perfect project management solution.

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Please, tell us what is your work about.

I’m the Scrum Master/Project manager for a team that creates and maintains analytic data reports and dashboards for OhioHealth.

What kind of processes do you manage using Kanban Tool?

We manage our backlog of work, the current two week iteration of work, and we also manage work we’ve requested from one of vendors. I’m planning on splitting out our PM activities to a separate board, but I haven’t been able to find time to complete that yet.

Could you describe your work flow?

We have work coming in for new functionality that is being built as part of our roadmap. We have ad hoc requests for new reports and functionality from users.

What does your board and card template look like?

  • Backlog:
    • New: (Inbox, Discovery)
    • More than 3 Iterations out: (Needs Analysis, Ready)
    • 3 Iterations Out: (Needs Analysis, Ready)
    • 2 Iterations Out: (Needs Analysis, Ready)
    • Next Iteration: (Needs Analysis, Ready)
  • Current Iteration:
    • Iteration Backlog: (Needs Analysis, Ready)
    • In Progress: (On Hold, Working On)
    • In Testing: (Waiting, Working On)
    • Iteration Done
    • Prod Verification: (Waiting, Done)
  • Previous Iterations:
    • Previous Iterations Done
    • Prod Verification: (Waiting, Done)
Click on the image below to see the full size in new window: Kanban Tool project management board

What adjustments did you make in order to improve your work flow?

Added separate section for post iteration work. This allowed us to see what we finished in one iteration.

What features or integrations do you value most in Kanban Tool and why?

The ability to split columns, because it allows us to organize subsections for the current phase of the cards.

What are the most important benefits of using Kanban Tool for you?

Having an online version that can be accessed from anywhere.