Pricing & payments

All matters concerning payment and free use. How much does it cost? Things you need to know about payments, invoices, credit cards, discounts, free plans and cancellations.

How do I subscribe to payments?

Please note, that a payment subscription can only be made by an account owner.

To subscribe to payments please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
    or: navigate to Account Administration - Plan & Billing details, then click on the click here to change your pricing plan link.
  2. Select the pricing plan that suits your needs.
  3. Click Activate subscription.
  4. Then click on a card type, that you want to pay with.
  5. Fill in your credit card details.

All done! Now the automated subscription will make note of the number of users in your account and will adjust the amount collected along with the users count.

I need a tax invoice

Please go to the Account Administration tab, then Plans & Billing details and fill in the invoice details:

  • company name and address
  • company registration number and - for customers from EU - also the EU VAT company registration number.

Please provide this information within 5 days since the first payment.
Invoices are issued and sent via email automatically each month within 7 days since payment, and usually in 1-2 working days.

How many users can I have in each plan?

That depends on the pricing plan you choose.

The Free plan is limited to 2 users, while both the Team and Enterprise plans can support an unlimited number of users, however, the monthly price will depend on the number of users added.

Both of the paid plans offer: file attachments and unlimited boards. Additionally, the Enterprise plan will give you access to some exclusive features.

You can manage your plan setting in Account Administration - Plan & Billing Details.

How can I switch to the Free Plan?

You can switch to the Free plan at any time.

While on the dashboard, go to Account administration - Plan and Billing details and click on the text reading click here to change your pricing plan and choose the Free plan.

Free accounts are limited to 2 users and 2 Kanban boards only, with no file attachments. If you’re currently exceeding the limits, you first need to suspend additional users and delete excess Kanban boards before switching to the Free plan.

How can I update my credit card?

To update your credit card details, sign in to your Kanban Tool account and go to Account Administration - Plan & Billing details. There, under Recurring Billing details, you will find a link to make the necessary changes to the card you’re using for the subscription.

Do you accept annual payments?

We welcome you to get an annual license for your Kanban Tool account.

You can buy an annual license for any user count, with a credit or debit card from Account Administration - Plan & Billing details - Subscribe now - switch to annual billing,
or by entering this page:

If you can’t pay for an annual license with a credit card, please , we also accept invoice-based bank transfers. For clients paying with a bank transfer, annual licensing is only available in 10-user packs - you will be asked to order a minimum of one pack (10 users), or multiple 10-user packs.

What costs are associated with Kanban Tool?

The use of all accounts starts with a free trial. After your trial ends, the cost will depend on the number of users and the chosen plan.

When choosing the Team or Enterprise plan, you will be paying a fee for each user per month - please see our current pricing here.

Kanban Tool can be used for free, if you only need 2 boards and 2 users. The Free plan does NOT support file attachments, Time Tracking & Reporting, My Work widget, Process Automation nor User Groups.
To use the service for free, the Free service plan has to be chosen in Account Administration - Plan & Billing details.

There are no additional costs or hidden fees with Kanban Tool. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time. All of our support is free of charge to users of all plans.

Kanban Tool is simple and intuitive, so you don’t need to buy any training to start using it. But you’re welcome you to expand your understanding of Kanban in the Kanban Library - a central hub for education and knowledge-sharing for Kanban practitioners.

We highly recommend that you create your first Kanban board to try the method hands-on - that is, by far, the best way to learn.
Also, feel free to view the Rapid Productivity Tips here if you want a head start!

I need to cancel my subscription

You can cancel your subscription either by canceling your account in Account Administration - Account Details - Please cancel my account link on the bottom-left,
or by switching to the Free plan in Account Administration - Plan & Billing Details - click here to change your pricing plan link.

If there is a particular reason why you’ve decided to cancel the subscription, or in case there’s something we can do to make you change your mind about it, please .
This will greatly help us improve our services for the future.

What is the pricing of Kanban Tool software?

In addition to the online Kanban Tool service, we offer Kanban Tool On-Site software.

Prices of the self-hosted software are based on the total number of user licenses bought and the selected billing scheme, as well as the chosen service plan (Team or Enterprise).

We offer volume discounts for purchases exceeding 50 user licenses. There may be additional setup and/or maintenance fees depending on specific requirements. Please for current pricing information.

The On-Site application is really great if you are concerned about data security, as it is fully autonomous, does not require an Internet connection, and allows you to manage data backups according to any internal policies you may have to follow.

Kanban Tool On-Site is distributed as a virtual machine image in an OVA format, so the only requirement from you is a 64-bit modern computer with at least 2GB of RAM, which can run VirtualBox or any other virtualization solution, like VMWare or Parallels.

A list of possible integrations depends on the current systems you are using. We provide a well-documented API to integrate Kanban Tool On-Site with your systems. You can find more information about the API here.

Check out the long and constantly growing list of available features.

However, there are a few features not present in the On-Site application, namely: integrations with Zapier, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and the Chrome extension. They are disabled by default, due to a lack of requirement for the application to utilize Internet connectivity. It is possible to use our mobile applications with a Kanban Tool On-Site installation.

To find out more about the self-hosted application and to try it for free, please .