Use case examples

Thanks to the supported board customization, you can set up your board to work for your project's specific needs. If you're looking for some inspiration or guidance - or you are just curious to see what's possible - please view the below use case video examples.
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A finance team's workflow

We’re taking a look at how a Kanban Tool project board can serve a company’s finance team in their work, aiding their day-to-day operations as well as helping to keep tabs on the recurring obligations.

Sales pipeline

A Kanban Tool project board can help you visualize and manage a sales pipeline. It will add an order to your team’s next contact dates planning, keep track of the details of the transaction and analyze your sales funnel.

Customer service

The Kanban method is well know for its applicability to service work. See how a workflow built in Kanban Tool can simplify your customer support team’s task management, making ticket prioritization and timely responses to clients easier to achieve.

Software development

Please take a look at how a customized Kanban Tool project board may serve the web/software development process, the first of the knowledge-based industries that Kanban was adopted for from its classic manufacturing use case.

Agile marketing

This example Kanban Tool board is customized to the needs of an Agile Marketing team, and tracks their media alerts, campaign work, and all other day-to-day tasks in a single, comprehensive workflow.

Small production line

Presenting an example workflow in which the online Kanban Tool board returns to the Kanban method’s roots: manufacturing. While Kanban Tool emphasizes team member collaboration, it can perfectly track a small-size industrial manufacturing process for you.

Media production

This Kanban Tool board example proves the utility of swimlanes in a workflow that processes several similar projects on one page, giving the team quick insight into each production’s stage at all times.

Remote teamwork

The beauty of using Kanban Tool’s online boards is that all use cases can work for remote team collaboration! But let’s take a closer look at the specific features that work particularly well for distributed team management.

Human resources workflow

This Kanban Tool board presents an HR team’s flow concerning recruitment, people, vacation time, training, and reimbursement processes. Visualizing all these matters on one efficient Kanban board helps the team stay on top of all employees’ needs, development, and other details!

Event planning

Kanban works great for continuous process management, as well as for fixed-date and cyclical project planning. In this example, we’re looking at how the service can work for event planning, with quick, repeat events creation included.

Construction work planning and coordination

We’re looking at how a construction company might use Kanban Tool boards to manage a large building site, as well as all sites’ combined materials flow management. Scheduling on-site work with required material deliveries can be a pleasure!

Real estate sales & management

In this board example, we’re looking at two Kanban Tool projects applied to a housing development firm’s flow. One board servers as a sales pipeline, keeping tabs on potential clients and details of the sales, and the other is set up to plan, execute and monitor building maintenance work.

Educational institution admin workflow

This Kanban Tool use case focuses on the administration of a larger team, using university employees as an example. We’re looking at the applied user groups management as well as at a particular team’s daily workflow management.

Bug tracking

With Kanban’s close ties to software development, bug tracking is one of the more common applications of the method, and of our service. On this board, we examine how software issues are reported, tracked, prioritized, and handled by a small team of developers.

Scientific research workflow

In this use case, we explore how scientific researchers can utilize Kanban Tool to manage their projects and tasks effectively. From planning work to tracking progress, learn how Kanban Tool can boost productivity, keep your research on track and help to analyze your progress.

Freelance writer

If, as a freelance writer, you are struggling to keep up with your multiple projects, deadlines, and clients, you may need a Kanban Tool board! In this video, we cover everything you need to know to organize your writing, streamline your workflow, and improve your efficiency. And, you’ll be glad to know: it’s very easy to set it up!

UX design

The following video use case demonstrates how Kanban Tool can improve and streamline your UX design workflow. Our highly visual service works particularly well for UX design projects where collaboration, file sharing and organization are key to success. Take a look at how Kanban Tool can help you manage design tasks, monitor progress, and enhance communication among your team members. Transform your UX design workflow with Kanban Tool today!

Personal Kanban

Though the Kanban method originated in manufacturing stock management and then made its way to software development and other knowledge-based work scenarios, it is also a fantastic way to manage one’s tasks, plans, and to-dos!

Below, we’re presenting an example of a Personal Kanban board, helping an individual user to split work by category and stage of completion, providing them with a simple way to identify the most urgent things to tackle at any point!

Quality assurance

In this example use case, we use two Kanban Tool boards to illustrate the connected workflows of a software development team and a quality assurance team. These custom boards allow them to increase process efficiency, improve collaboration and product quality. This two-board setup benefits the team’s communication through real-time updates and a fully transparent workflow!

Customer journey feedback

The following use case example provides a unique insight into how a Kanban Tool board can aid a company’s approach to gathering and implementing customer feedback. While this isn’t a linear process, typical for the Kanban method application, thanks to Kanban Tool’s highly visual nature, illustrating and analyzing the client feedback is a breeze!

Employee onboarding

In this use case example, we’re looking at how a Kanban Tool board can aid your employee onboarding process, making it smoother, faster, and more organized. Thanks to custom process boards tailored to your company’s unique onboarding workflow, your HR team can forget endless email chains, missed deadlines, and confusion about tasks – you can rely on Kanban Tool for keeping everything in one location, accessible in real-time to everyone involved in the process.