An overview of Time Tracking capabilities

Kanban Tool revolutionized how great teams track time. Meet seamless Time Tracking!
Why seamless? You no longer need to click any button to start your timers. Simply drag a task to your working column and the timer will start itself automatically. It’s that simple! You can finally get a deeper insight into how your team spends time without any effort.

To start the timer, simply right-click on a task and select Start Timer, or drag it to an appropriate, working-type column. For more information on how to configure Time Tracking to work seamlessly - trigger and pause automatically with card movements - click here.

The Time Tracking will display on the right side of your board in the side-panel, under the My Work for today. Upon starting any timer a task will enter the My Work for today feed on the right, and you will see an ongoing timer. You can pause and start your cards manually in this side panel. A checkmark button will indicate that a task is done and it will remove the card from the feed.

The My Work widget

In My Work for today you will find the following information:

  • Task name - click on the name to open your task.
  • Timer - running or paused. When you click on it, a detailed list of all your time entries will open. You can edit the time by pressing a timer entry or remove it by pressing the bin icon.
  • Card color - to easily notice what type of card you are working on.

You can evaluate how much time is spent on each task with the Time Report. To view it, go to Tools - Time Report, and access Summary Report and Detailed Report of your time entries. Click here to learn more about the Time Report.

Seamless Time Tracking is available with the Enterprise service plan only.