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Personal Kanban

Whether you're single, a one of significant two, a head of a large family or a leader of a team, Personal Kanban is a great tool for you to use. Even though your personal life in not exactly like an industrial process usually associated with Kanban, the way you go about your jobs can be streamlined and improved.

What is Personal Kanban?

It's a simple way to visualize your workflow and to manage it well. In order to ensure a swift and pleasant way of completing your tasks, it's easiest to divide the work into 3 sections: to do, doing and done.

Two very simple rules

Frankly, to get started with Personal Kanban right away, all you need is to follow 2 simple rules: visualizing your work and limiting the work in progress. That's the gist. Once you have limited the number of things you can do at once, you'll be moving along much faster and much more effectively - the less tasks you need to juggle, the better your ability to focus and to act with precision.

The smart rule of 5S will make you even more productive

Once you've mastered the idea of the necessity to visualize and limit WIP, you will be free to improve further still. Give a little thought to the rule of 5S in Personal Kanban.

  • Seiri - abandon your previous method of task tracking and planning.
  • Seiton - bring order to your visualization tool, whatever it is - a whiteboard, a sheet of paper, an online board etc.
  • Seiso - polish up your Personal Kanban tool - make sure that it rightly represents the state of your workflow. Keep applying accurate changes as they happen, not once a week, when you feel like it.
  • Seiketsu - standardize your visual representation of job types and stick to it, otherwise it won't be much use at all. The idea of Personal Kanban is to visually get a sense of the workflow, to be able to see your day at a glance. Therefore the visual aids must remain consistent.
  • Shitsuke - sustain your efforts with good discipline. In order for Personal Kanban to work, you have to work on maintaining it.
    And it will be well worth it, you'll see.

By following these rules with reason and consistency, you will very quickly realize what you're really quick and good at and when you're really struggling and slowing down. This information alone should benefit you in future planning. Decide to leave the difficult task for a less busy time, give yourself a chance to get better at it, or at least have the advantage of full concentration and more strength.

Using Personal Kanban will also help you to better estimate the amount of time needed for your different jobs, henceforth simplifying the planning. When you know how long things take, you know when you need to get on with them.

Using this method will be a source of great satisfaction and motivation. Following the 2 mandatory rules as well as the smart 5S will provide you with a sense of achieving your own goals. Or, you might even exceed your own expectations of yourself!
We have all felt the magnificent feeling of a job well done, haven't we? Please yourself - get this satisfying feeling every day, while getting your jobs done simultaneously. And what this recurring satisfaction will lead to - motivation for the next tasks, days and weeks. Allow your satisfaction and motivation to inspire you.

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