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Web project management software is a new trend among companies around the world. It allows teams to easily track all projects they are working on, anywhere and anytime. It helps to keep everyone informed of the plan ahead and improve project performance. Web based project management removes the dependency on mobile phones, faxes and paperwork to track status. Instead, you can track your projects across the web. For global and remote teams, online management software is definitely the way to go.

Collaborative TeamBenefits of web based project management

Web project management software improves communication and overall productivity of your team. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of online project management solutions.

Collaboration and sharing - with web project management you can assign people to projects and tasks, share documents and post comments. Everything in one place makes it that much easier to find and share.

Real-time synchronization - the ability to see current project status is important for every project manager. Web project management software allows you to view all changes immediately.

Data security - web based project management software uses data encryption mechanism. It means that the data that you send to web application is encrypted and the contents of communication between you and your application account cannot be read or forged by any third party.

Mobility - you can use web based solution at anytime and from anywhere using a computer or a mobile device. Additionally, you can receive email notifications that inform you about the latest changes.

Cost effectiveness - web project management tools such as Kanban Tool offer free trial period, which allows you to test all features.

How to choose the best software for you team?

Check if a web project management software offers you a free trial without requiring your credit card number. Secondly, do not trust companies that fail to provide privacy policy and terms of service. This kind of companies do not take care about your data security at all. Additionally, make sure that the software your are about to use supports 256-bit SSL / HTTPS connection encryption, for your safety. Also, see if the tool can be easily customized to meet your requirements. The software should follow your needs. Finally, when choosing the best offer on the market, you need to be sure that a particular web project management software gives you access to advanced project analytics, including Cumulative Flow Diagram and Lead and Cycle Time analysis.

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