Streamlining Project Management
with Web-Based Services

Effective project management is essential for your business success, making the difference between new endavours panning out or dragging behind. How well you handle new undertakings and whether you can forecast their completion time also impacts your relationship with customers and partners. You must ensure that your goals turn into actionable items for the team. Action items that are carefully planned, executed and verified. With remote work and flexible hours being the new standard, your best approach to team project management must involve web-based collaboration software - a central tool for tracking, discussing, trouble-shooting and analysing work, regadless of the team's location, all syned in real-time.

A web-based project management tool will empower your team to effortlessly track, share and communicate about project work from anywhere, any time. Such funnelling of all matters into a single communication channel enhances transparency, efficiency, and - ultimately - project success. Here, we're looking at the benefits and key considerations when selecting the right software for your team's needs.

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The advantages
of web-based project management

  • Streamlined collaboration
    Centralizing project documentation, the assignment of tasks, and facilitating real-time communication simplify collaboration among team members. With all project-related information stored in one accessible location, sharing and retrieving data becomes seamless.
  • Real-time synchronization
    Timely access to project updates is crucial for effective decision-making. Web-based project management tools enable real-time synchronization, informing all stakeholders of latest developments as they happen.
  • Robust data security
    With rising concerns over data breaches, choosing a secure and reputable project management service is paramount. E.g., Kanban Tool, the web-based project management service with 15 years on the market, employs advanced encryption mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data, providing peace of mind to users. And for clients whose policy forbids them from using cloud-hosted services, Kanban Tool takes form of isolated, on-premise offline software.
  • Mobility and accessibility
    The flexibility to manage projects on-the-go is a must for modern teams. Whether accessing the software via a computer or mobile device, team members can stay connected and productive from any location. Additionally, email notifications keep users informed of updates, allowing for timely responses and actions.
  • Cost effectiveness
    Most web-based project management solutions offer a free trial period, allowing teams to evaluate their suitability before committing. This cost-effective approach enables organizations to explore various options and select the solution that best aligns with their requirements and budget.
  • Additional integrations
    With the project management service being available in the cloud, you should be able to create extra integration with the team's other apps, e.g., their calendar or email. Having the option for an update in the project management system to synchronize with other services saves time and effort, helping to prevent any slip-ups and delays.

What to look for when choosing
project management service?

Flexible plans

Look for a solution that offers a free test period showcasing all available features without requiring credit card information upfront, allowing your team to play with the platform functionality before making a decision, testing it in full, and risk-free. Take the length of the default contract into consideration as well - it's best to keep one's license volume and length flexible, accounting for future project needs changes.

Kanban Tool:

All Kanban Tool accounts begin with a free trial, allowing you to test the functionality with all team members. You won't be asked for your credit card details until you're ready to subscribe, and you can cancel any time. The flexible subscription model will charge you for the number of users on the account each month, so there's no need to make a long-term, fixed-user-volume committment.

Data privacy

Prioritize vendors that provide transparent and detailed privacy policies and terms of service. Doing so demonstrates a vendor's commitment to data security and user privacy, allowing you to trust the platform with sensitive company information.

Kanban Tool:

Although utilizing US-based server infrastrucutre, Kanban Tool is a European product. As such, it abides by some of the most strict EU-regulated data privacy protecion measures out there. Your data privacy is documented transparently in the Privacy Policy, and the systems work 24/7 to keep it safe and secure.


To suit your team's needs, you need software capable of meeting their unique requirements and workflows. Customization capabilities ensure that the software aligns seamlessly with your organization's processes, ending up working for you, rather than having your team try to catch up with a service's rigid demands and layouts.

Kanban Tool:

Kanban Tool was created to digitally represent Kanban boards, and take the concept further with WIP limits, automation and custom features. With user-defined columns, sub-columns and swimlanes, self-defined card types and templates, offering various data field types and custom fields, as well as over 30 optional power-ups, and a dedicated process automation feature, Kanban Tool is bound to have a configuration that meets your ideal workflow. Moreover, Kanban Tool does not limit your boards count. When subscribed to the service, you can use as many boards as you like.

Abundance of resources

When looking for a service right for you, consider the availability of support material, ensuring a trouble-free start, with a FAQ resource on hand, including inspirational use cases and examples of solving any commonly occuring difficulties.

Kanban Tool:

Despite being a highly intuitive service at first glance, Kanban Tool offers a broad Support website section, video tutorials, use case board examples, templates for new project creation, a pdf guide for offline viewing and speedy email support service.

Process metrics

Opting to use a web-based service without getting automatically generated process analysis would be a missed opportunity. After all, your data is already saved in a database, and should be available to view and filter for key metrics easily. Choose a service with comprehensive yet easy to read project analytics, e.g., breakdown charts, cumulative flows or lead and cycle time, to receive invaluable source for effortless project progress monitoring and identifying potential areas for improvement.

Kanban Tool:

Kanban Tool comes with a set of automatically generated process metrics to help you gage your team's progress and process effificency. You get breakdown charts to view different tasks, assignments or difficulty distribution across the board, and a lead and cycle time diagram, letting you measure how long it takes for tasks to get from point A to B within the process. You also get cumulative flow, aggregating all tasks across time, showing you the overall process health, highlighting any fluctuations in the velocity, and lastly - you can measure the working time on each project, task or by each members, with the time report. Each project board can also export as a spreadsheet for own analysis.

By leveraging web-based project management software, teams can streamline workflows, foster collaboration, and achieve project success with greater efficiency. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, embracing innovative tools is essential for staying ahead of the curve in project management. Choose wisely, and empower your team to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

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