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Collaborative project management is a method used to coordinate distributed teams and complex projects. It enables team members to cooperate across departmental, national and time boundaries. Collaborative project management is based on a principle of involving each team member in planning and control. Furthermore, it requires networking between group members. This method is especially important for small and flexible businesses where all the work is based on a few people who have to cooperate to achieve results.

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Collaborative project management software

This kind of a tool is vital for any business. Solutions such as Kanban Tool are the top choice for hundreds of entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses of all industries. Collaborative project management tools help to maximize productivity and stay on top of all projects effortlessly.

The feedback from project managers using web-based collaborative tools is very positive. There are at least five very good reasons for using online collaborative project management software.

It saves your money - online solution allows you to easily control the costs. Moreover, it is scalable - you can change your pricing plan as your business grows. Moreover, you don’t need to manage and update the software - that happens automatically. It saves your time - web-based collaborative project management tool should be intuitive - you shouldn't need to spend much time learning how to use it. This kind of software is meant to help you on completing tasks - nothing should be distracting you. It speeds up work - solutions such as a Kanban online board allow you to exchange information and finish tasks faster than ever before. You can now collaborate in real-time, anytime and anywhere. It improves communication - good communication is essential for distributed teams. Online tools enable group members to communicate and collaborate in real time by sharing tasks, documents and comments. It increases transparency - online tools for project management with collaboration support help you to see the whole project at a glance. Thus, managers can gain more control over the execution of work.

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Collaborative project management software needs to be easy to understand and use. Creating a first project and sharing it with team members should take as little time as possible. The guidelines below describe the essential steps in this process.

1.Create a free account at - no credit card number or personal details are required. Kanban Tool offers you a free trial.

2. Create your first project board, then name your board, provide a short description and, most importantly, choose one of the pre-defined types of the board that will allow you to start the work as quickly as possible.

3. Add users and share - working together is essential. Start collaborating by adding new users to your account. In the People section you can add users and assign privileges that determine how much change the particular person can introduce onto the boards. If you have a CSV file with people you would like to add to your account, you can import them at once. Now you can share your Kanban board with any person or people added as users.

5. Create a task and move it around. The aim of using a Kanban board is to see the card progress through the various stages of the project until it reaches the end (i.e. done) at the far right end of the board. To move the card around the board you can use a standard drag & drop method or the card dropdown menu.

6. Analyze performance - Kanban Tool provides advanced Kanban analytics and metrics including: cumulative flow diagram, lead & cycle time diagram, breakdown charts and a Time Report. They will help you to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and solve problems immediately.

Kanban Tool is an online collaborative project management tool that supports real-time collaboration. allowing teams to boost productivity. Today, Kanban Tool is trusted by over 25 000 users in nearly 100 countries around the world. Register now and try out the best collaborative project management software for free.

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