Kanban TemplateThe easiest way to get involved with Kanban project management

A Kanban template

Kanban is an easy project management method, resting on principles of a workflow visualization and a limitation of the amount of work in progress.

Getting started with this helpful methodology is particularly easy when there is a Kanban board template available. This lets you get on with learning Kanban in practice, rather than in theory.

The simplest Kanban board consists of just 3 columns:
To Do, Doing and Done. By simply dividing the workflow into these three categories, you're enabling the process to be streamlined and made more efficient.

In Kanban Tool, the original online tool for Kanban, there is a number of templates to choose from. To start with, you get to choose between a Basic board or a Team board. The further available options are:

A basic Kanban board

Kanban template basic

A time driven Kanban board

Kanban template time driven board

An event driven Kanban board

Kanban template event driven board

A basic team Kanban board

Kanban template basic team board

A product development Kanban board

Kanban template team board for product development

A sales pipeline Kanban board

Kanban template team board sales pipeline management

Kanban Tool allows you to choose a board template and start working on it right away. Once you get to know Kanban better or decide that the board doesn't quite fit your needs, you can easily adjust its shape to suit your process' needs perfectly. No cards will get lost in the edition process.

Apart from ready-made Kanban board templates, what you'll gain is an overall productivity increase, a polished and fault-free team communication, no missed deadlines, process visibility and flexibility, data and workflow access from everywhere, any time and more. Try it yourself for free now!

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