Agile Board Software

It's been suggested, that in order for any enterprise to be successful, it needs to keep balance between knowledge management and its application. This can be helped greatly through Agile methodology. A common association with the methodology are Agile boards. The term can mean a couple of things: a Scrum board, a Kanban board or a combination of the two - Scrumban. How to choose the one that's right for you?

A Scrum board

If you're a software developer or a member of a large team, Scrum could be of most help. A Scrum board makes room for stories - the general ideas behind all your actions, for sprints - the things you want to get done within this particular iteration, and for the actual To Do, Doing and Done sections. The idea backing up sprints is that after each one, the final product should be usable.

Agile Board Software

A Kanban board

However, if a Scrum-based approach doesn't suit your business, you might have more joy with a Kanban board. This one concentrates mainly on visualization of the work process and on actively limiting the number of tasks that can be worked on by any team member, at any time. Kanban boards are suitable for all business processes and can be easily adapted to meet their changing needs.


An interesting take on Agile is the combination of the two above: Scrumban. What is achieved by joining the two, is an efficient Scrum board with Kanban properties. So, you carry on doing Scrum - working in iterations and splitting tasks into parts as small as possible - while applying a WIP limit, and therefore making everyone more productive and focused.

How to start using an Agile board?

The perfect solution to use Srcum, Kanban or Scrumban is Kanban Tool. Because of its innate flexibility and vast customisation, with Kanban Tool you can create a board that's ideal for you. And any changes, you may need to apply to the process later on, are easily achievable.

Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is an online service for project management, accessible by all your team members from wherever they are, whether they're using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Real-time communication and updates are a Kanban concept, that the application implements quite literally. Once you've become a Kanban Tool user, you can share your tasks with the team, assign tasks, attach files, make comments, set due dates and much more. Everyone's performance is measured and monitored by insightful Analytics, which also allow you to spot any impediments and bottlenecks before they escalate. You can also track how long everything takes, by using the built-in seamless Time Tracking. All these features hold the potential of letting your productivity go through the roof!

Go Agile with Kanban Tool

The original Kanban Tool is the best choice for an Agile board implementation. See how much more productive your business can be.

Agile Board Software

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