Overcome ProcrastinationThe habit of putting things off

Procrastination reaches each and every one of us. Many times we find ourselves putting things off one time and another, as if this could make the dreaded task go away. But what's worst about this is the fact, that it makes us lose time in an unprecedented way. If we all do hate it so much, why not finally make an attempt at stopping this bad habit? Here are some useful tips, that ca get you started on making a change.

Overcome Procrastination

Split the goals into bits

This will allow you to create small, doable lists of things to do every day, which will enable you to not have to start looking at your work from the big picture every day. Also, splitting tasks into small items allows you to have shorter, more achievable deadlines. Finally, a small job seems less intimidating, therefore it's easier to get started on it.

Formulate exciting goals

It's not just about the wording, but it definitely makes a great difference. If half of your daily tasks sound exactly the same - it can be very hard to get excited about them. The other thing is setting yourself goals that are a challenge to you. This is the kind of thing, that can bring a spark to your daily job, stimulate you and therefore act as a motivator. So, make sure that the goals rock your boat, and if this isn't possible - at least put a little effort into making them sound interesting, if not exciting.


The way most of us work, there always seems to be far more to carry out than actually can get done. That's why you really should ask yourself whether you are busying yourself with the right things. If not, the problem might be that you're either stalling (avoiding things that scare you) or that you simply don't know what your goals are. By grabbing random jobs it may be that you'll never get moving in the direction right for your or the business' development.

Broadcast your goals

If you tell others about what you're trying to achieve, chances are that they will ask you about the progress whenever they see you. Pretty good if your problem is consequence and motivation. Unless you want awkwardness whenever you need to answer those questions, you'd better get a move on that plan.

Keep it simple

Rather than over-complicating things and awaiting those special, particular circumstances to suit your (probably imaginary) demands - all necessary to start working on something - stop awaiting and just get going. Doing is always more productive than waiting, so don't bother. There is rarely a thing like "perfect timing" anyway, just do what you're meant to do.

Shut out the distractions

Whether it's piles of paperwork on your desk, a forever ringing and notifying smartphone, a chatty colleague, a constant flow of emails - this can all be removed, at least for periods of time. Deciding on a time of day, when disruption are not allowed can increase your ability to focus and raise your productivity greatly. An these, in turn, can lead to great wins in the fight against procrastination.

Applaud yourself

A good part of setting short-term goals as sections of a larger one is the part when you can allow yourself a small reward for each little accomplishment along the way. This makes it all much easier and fun. Whether it's going to be a one-day break, a movie, coffee with the guys form the office, or just a break, during which you'll be allowed to surf the net - it all works the same. Gives you something nice and relaxing to look forward to at the end of the chore.

Call the cavalry

Let's face it - you are not a superhero. First of all, there is no need for you to do everything by yourself. Second - there is always a person out there that will know the best solution to your problem within seconds. So why do your head in? Just ask and save yourself some time, strengthen the cooperative bonds within the team and move on. If it's the workload that is the problem - it's always worth asking if there aren't anyone who'd be willing to participate in your task. Again - team bonding and good for all. Also, this can be an indication that the work distribution is not quite right.

Scare yourself

If you're very busy with putting work off for a better day - a great exercise is to try to imagine the consequences of carrying on this way. Being told off (bad), not getting a bonus (very bad), losing your job (oh dear) etc. It really does work, provided you have a minimum amount of imagination. We all need some kind of motivation. If the joy of doing a good job is not applicable, try visualizing the consequences. And if you're running your own business - why not taking a look at the Analytics - just a glance will let you know how badly you've been doing and this may work wonders to motivate you.

Plan ahead

If getting going is a bit of a problem, you might like to try getting organized at the end of a day, rather than at the beginning. Finish each day by making a queue of tasks that need attention the following day. It's a brilliant way of getting started every morning. So, communicate with yourself, to establish what it is that you demand from yourself.

Kanban Tool as first aid to constant procrastinators

With Kanban Tool you can easily get a hold of your workload. Planning work ahead is easy by default, with columns that enable you to follow what needs immediate attention. Also sharing tasks, or asking somebody's opinion is very easy - just add a comment and the person will be notified about the question.

Kanban Tool is ideal for splitting large jobs into small tasks. Divide the job into pieces, add each piece as a task and enjoy completing them one at a time. Assigning priorities could not really be easier - just choose how difficult a task is and it will be displayed on the card. Alternatively, you could use color coding to indicate which jobs are most urgent.

With seamless Time Tracking, Zapier and calendar integrations, and attachments, using Kanban Tool is a great place to start making a change with regards to your never-ending procrastination. You never know - you may start to actually enjoy your work, once you get it organized and in shape. Try it now for free!

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