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Kanban in a nutshell

Kanban method is gaining vast popularity in corporations and businesses around the world as a way to smoothly manage work. Derived from Japan, Kanban is a visual sign that is used to trigger an action. It is often represented on a Kanban board to reflect processes of your workflow. Kanban, represented as a Kanban card, will move through various stages of your work till completion. Often referred as a pull method, meaning that you pull your tasks through your workflow, allows users to freely move tasks around in a team based environment.

How does Kanban work?

There are few basic principles in order to get the most out of your workflow. Visualize what you do. Limit the amount of work in progress (WIP limits). Track your time: Time Tracking meets Kanban method. Use easy to read visual indicators: know what is going on at a glance. Spot bottlenecks and eliminate waste.

How does Kanban work

Teamwork needs Kanban

Why get into Kanban?

Even a basic Kanban will yield a performance increase. Task distribution, monitoring workflow and making adjustments along the way will improve your efficiency. A software development team hired by BBC Worldwide London has seen a tremendous improvements over a course of 12 months after implementing Kanban. Their delivery time shortened by 37% and the consistency of it improved by 47%. And this is not an isolated case!

The key benefits?

Performance boost: Insightful analytics and estimates will allow you to measure performance, spot problems and adjust your workflow for greater efficiency. Better collaboration: Access your visual represenattion of workflow from anywhere, easily share tasks and communicate on your work with your colleagues, in real time. Work distribution: An overview of ongoing work and less time spent distributing and submitting work.

The Key Benefits of Kanban

Kanban with Kanban Tool

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Visual management board

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