Why Use Kanban Method?What is it and how will it help you?

How often do you find yourself stuck on a task for hours, mainly because of numerous interruptions by your colleagues, wanting to know when you'll be done, can you give them a hand with something, asking what happened to your tasks from the day before? Too often?

Basic Kanban board

This is exactly what Kanban method provides and where Kanban Tool delivers. If you dislike chaos and would really like to considerably increase your productivity, get Kanban Tool as soon as possible. Spread the tasks among the team and watch them get on with it - nicely and at a sustainable pace. Divide large jobs into small steps - therefore allowing for better time estimations and less "big jobs intimidation".

A Kanban board powered by Kanban Tool allows you to assign tasks to team members, attach comments, description, links and files. Therefore - the tasks need no more time-consuming talking about. Of course, by increasing overall productivity, you'll be able to chat more over coffee breaks. But no time wasted on discussing work, which is quicker explained visually! Kanban method is based on the idea of visualizing what is being done now, what has been finished and what needs doing next.

Kanban metrics

Taking small steps while working also make for better prioritizing - in bulk most jobs seem urgent, when broken down into pieces - you clearly see what needs doing first. It's helpful to make tasks manageable, just by limiting the amount of work in progress to one or two tasks per person. This way it's also much more clear who is doing what exactly.

After the work is done, you can analyze the workflow by use of Kanban charts and analytics. Kanban Tool's Time Tracking feature leaves no room for guesstimating how long things took.

There really aren't many better ways to improve the way you work. Use Kanban method and cut down the time wasted on chaotic talking about work and increase by heaps the actual work done. Also - just make your team a happy team! Start a free trial now >>

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