An Online Kanban BoardGet to know the easy way to increase your productivity

A Kanban board is exactly what you need if you're struggling with staying on top of all your work, either because of the sheer amount of it, or because of the lack of ability to project-manage it.

It's a simple, but effective tool, that demands following two basic principles - graphic visualization of a workflow and - crucially - limiting the amount of work allowed to be in progress at any time.

Simple Kanban Board

How does Kanban work?

The easiest way to go about this is dividing the workflow into three columns: to do, doing and done. Then, make sure to split all your jobs into as small items as possible. The tasks need to be of a manageable size, the shorter the better. The reason for this is wanting to have such kinds of tasks that are possible to complete within a certain (small) amount of time. As long as you can imagine and foresee when in time a task finishes, you'll be able to effectively focus on it.

Once you add to this the limitations on the number of tasks that are being worked on at a time, your ability to focus continues to grow. And right along with this - your productivity increases.

Other benefits of using Kanban?

When on top of this you'll add the ability to access detailed analytical reports (like a Breakdown Chart, Time Report, Cumulative Flow and Lead and Cycle Time Diagram, you'll be able to fully realize your team's potential, find out their weak and strong points and - eliminate any bottlenecks before they take on their full force.

And because the software stays in your internet browser, your computer will stay clutter-free, enabling you to utilize it for other resources. Your data will be stored safely on our servers, and thanks to that you can happily access it from anywhere you are, any time of day or night.

Try it out yourself

An online Kanban board will let you manage your workflow and greatly improve your team's performance, while allowing to work from where ever and at any hours. Also, it is a great way to make your work environment that much more pleasant and far less chaotic. Start a free trial now and find out for yourself.

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