Kanban Analytics and Metrics Lead and Cycle Time and Cumulative Flow Diagrams

One of the biggest challenges, that project managers are facing is to find a way to predict their project’s future – its success, or failure. Therefore, estimating project duration, and identifying problems as they occur, are managers' essential responsibilities. However, it usually costs time and effort to gather and analyze appropriate metrics. Kanban software simplifies this process, by providing insightful analytics. Lead and Cycle Time and Cumulative Flow diagrams allow to measure the project performance, and help in identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Lead and Cycle Time Diagram

Lead and Cycle Time Diagram presents the average amount of time, that it takes for a task to be processed from a specific start to finish points. It can be used to analyze the time required to traverse work items, as well as to make improvements in project performance.

Lead and cycle time diagram by Kanban Tool

Cumulative flow diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram presents relative amounts of work for each stage of the project, over time. The diagram should run smoothly. Large spikes and flat horizontal lines indicate impediments to flow, or a lack of flow. Graph gaps and variations stand for bottlenecks, which often occur due to use of irrelevant work in progress limits.

Information behind CFD

By looking at the vertical distances on this chart, a project manager can define the number of items currently in progress, and set a relevant WIP limit for their team. The horizontal distances show how long it takes for a task to get completed. By measuring it, a manager can monitor the cycle time, and predict when all work is likely to be completed.

Lead and cycle time diagram

Kanban analytics and metrics

Benefits of using Kanban analytics

Kanban metrics allow you to predict how much time your team needs to complete a project. Thus, they help you plan and organize work, as well as to delegate responsibilities. Analytics enable you to track the average cycle time, and improve it. CFD makes project performance easily readable, letting you find bottlenecks and solve problems, exactly as they occur.

Kanban metrics from Kanban Tool

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