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Kanban Tool is a leading visual project and process management software designed especially for business. Our unique approach to task and project management significantly increases productivity. You can finally focus on working instead of managing the work. You can see the whole project at a glance: what needs to be done, what your team members are working on and what has already been done. Your team will just love it!

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Why will my boss love it?

Absolutely, because it works and is extremely easy to use and fully customizable! Kanban Tool really increases visibility of whole project and increases productivity even up to 200%! You can finally check the results using insightful analytics and metrics. And Kanban Tool allows your team to collaborate in real time no matter where they are.

What to focus on when choosing business-class Kanban solution?
Learn key factors that should influence your decision.

Kanban software allows to easily visualize your project progress, control and optimize workflow and collaborate with your team in real-time. Software based on Kanban method helps you organize work with colorful cards placed on an electronic Kanban board. So what should you check for, when choosing a Kanban application?

1. Online or On-site Kanban software?

The first thing you need to decide is: how do you want to use your Kanban software? Are you interested in downloading and installing it on your own server or do you prefer an online version? The majority of companies prefers a web-based application because of the flexibility and more frequent updates. It's much easier to set up and everything is taken care of for you – upgrades, backups and security.

2. How many Kanban boards and users does it offer?

Do you know how many Kanban boards you will need and how many team members you want to invite to use your software? Well, you don't have to. Choose software that allows you to create unlimited number of boards and to collaborate with as many team members as you need - by just increasing their count as the business grows. It's good to be able to easily upgrade or downgrade at any time without additional costs.

3. Does it provide insightful analytics?

Do you want to improve your productivity and efficiency? If yes, then you need to choose only from the best Kanban software vendors on the market. The service needs to allow you to track progress, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and reduce waste. When choosing the best offer, you need to be sure that particular Kanban software gives you access to advanced board analytics including Cumulative Flow Diagram, Lead Time analysis and time reports.

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4. Is it easy to customize it?

The best Kanban software should be customizable to fully fit your team needs. Check how many features you can adjust to the way you and your team like to work. Does it have: wide selection of card colors, customizable card template and possibility to adjust workflow with columns and swimlanes. Don't forget to look for advanced sharing options and read-only access for your customers and stakeholders. Furthermore, check if the software offers additional customization and integration possibilities such as Power-Ups.

5. Is the software vendor credible?

The last thing you need to check is software vendor credibility. Do not trust companies that do not provide privacy policy and terms of service. These kinds of companies may not care about your data security at all. You should choose a company that has been providing Kanban services for at least two years, so that you can be sure that your data and personal details are safe. What else is important? Check if you can cancel your account at any time without consequences.

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6. Can I try it out before buying?

Nobody likes to buy a cat in a bag - do you? Check if the Kanban vendor offers you a free trial. Be aware that credit card number should not be required when creating a free account or starting a trial. Choose wisely! Try out the Kanban software for free with no worries.

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