Kanban ChartDoing Kanban on-line benefits from automatically genereated charts

Kanban is a method of project management, based on visualization of tasks and limiting the amount of tasks, that are allowed to be worked on at any given time. The way this works is by utilization of a board with task cards on it - either a physical board with sticky notes or a digital board with virtual cards.

Either way the purpose of Kanban is to divide work into tasks and divide them into at least three columns (to do, doing and done). Once this is done, you're meant to apply a WIP limit, stating how many tasks can be in the Doing column at any time (per person or per project).

Now the great benefit of doing Kanban online is the advantage of having access to automatically generated analytical charts. While you and your team are sliding tasks from one column to another, the software is contantly tracking what you're doing and geathering this information in a statistical form for you to view when ever you feel the need.

Kanban Chart

Kanban Tool, the original online Kanban software, gives you access to a number of charts: a Breakdown Chart, a Time Report, a Cumulative Flow Diagram, a Lead and Cycle Time and a Changelog. Each of these provides information on your team's performance and therefore allows for a better insight into the whole process.

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