Kanban CardVisualize work in the simplest of ways

Ever heard of a user-friendly, easy to learn and effective task management method? It's Kanban.
The idea of Kanban rests on a rule of workflow visualization and limiting the work in progress. Sticking to these two rules results in process optimization and its continuous improvement, raises the team's focus and productivity and guarantees a regular item delivery.

Kanban Card

How does it work?

From the rule of process visualization stems a Kanban board, onto which pinned are the Kanban cards.
A Kanban card is a work item - description of a task, originally written down on a sticky note. A board is divided into columns, each of them representing one stage of the process.
Kanban cards are meant to be pasted in a "backlog" type of a column and when the team is available, they can pull the task into a "working" type of column. When the task is done, it can go into a "completed" section for future reference or statistics.
Apart from these 3 basic divisions, Kanban users are free to apply as many transitional columns as the process requires, examples of which are requirements gathering, buffer, waiting for approval, monitoring, final approval etc.

Kanban card and the card information

Great benefit of using a digital, online Kanban board is the sheer amount of information that a virtual Kanban card can take, as opposed to a physical one - a sticky note containing not more than a couple of words.
An online Kanban card can hold: a description as long as you like, an unlimited amount of attachments, comments, checklist items, due dates, priorities, team member assignments, external links, tags and a number of custom fields with drop down menus, free text fields or other.
There is also the possibility of getting email notifications about comments with regards to activity done or needed on specific cards, also a calendar integration to see when which cards require attention. On top of this, you are also able to view a complete history for each card, to see who was involved and how exactly.

What are the advantages of using Kanban?

With Kanban Tool you'll not only increase the overall productivity and perfect the process, but you'll also be able to improve the team performance, thanks to a streamlined and improved communication and real-time cooperation. You will raise the business reliability with better commitment to set due dates and you'll improve the understanding of the process throughout the organization, as online access to it for everyone facilitates seeing the big picture better than anything else.

Online Kanban Card

How to start using Kanban cards today?

To get your hands on this helpful online Kanban card software and start improving the process right away, just sign up for a free trial and get going right away!

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