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By Agile project management we understand a type of approach to management, that involves great amounts of flexibility and promotes interaction. The two most popular Agile methods are Scrum and Kanban. Scrum is typically used by software development teams, while Kanban can be easily adapted to most business processes.

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An Agile Kanban Tool

Why is Kanban the best choice for an Agile project management method? Kanban's great characteristics bring you: flexibility (there's always room for adaptation, change or re-design of the process), a real productivity increase (thanks to limitation of the work in progress and increased visibility of the process), a limitation of waste, defeat of bottlenecks and more.

How does Kanban work?

Kanban is based on simple rules of:
1. visualization of the process (what answers for the decrease in waste and an increase in productivity and understanding of the process) and
2. limiting work in progress (allowing all team members to only do a limited number of things at any given time, what causes a better focus and produces better quality). By following these two rules you'll not only get more done, but you'll also be able to continuously improve your process.

How will you benefit?

By applying Kanban in an online form your process will benefit from an even larger number of fantastic characteristics. With Kanban Tool your team will be able to cooperate regardless of their residence (perfect for geographically dispersed teams). You'll also have the chance to monitor the team's performance by following the automatically generated Analytics. Kanban Tool also supports online attachments, due dates, calendar integration, excel import and export and seamless Time Tracking, which provides an even further insight into how your process works.

How to get started?

To start to benefit from Kanban now, sign up to Kanban Tool for free and enjoy the new found workplace harmony together with great results throughout your organization!

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