Offline Kanban

An offline Kanban work management system is a great way to go when your priority is not using a cloud based hosting, while keeping all the benefits of co-working in a digital Kanban application.

Kanban Tool On-Site is one of the most popular self-hosted Kanban applications. Installed in an isolated environment on your server or PC, it facilitates team collaboration (10+ users are required), file sharing, task assigning, due date management and a lot more. All offline, behind your own firewall and all in accordance with the Kanban method.

Offline Kanban

Why Kanban?

The main benefit of doing Kanban is increased team focus and better process throughput, both attributed to the application of Work In Progress limits and the very benefit of having the process and work items clearly visualized.

What have you to gain from an offline Kanban implementation?

  • A secure space for data sharing and work organization
  • Full control of who has access to your company files as well as to how and when updates and backups are made
  • Successful and easy teamwork
  • Reduced waste, both in process and resources, thanks to easy control over items assignment and WIP limits
  • Reduced management needs, since the full spectrum - workflow, documentation and resource management - is handled within one application
  • Automated performance metrics and analytics, with Cumulative Flow, Lead & Cycle Time and Time Reports, to help you keep on improving the process

Want to try it?

Would you like to test it in your infrastructure? Just contact us, and we will provide you with the License and installation package so that you can run a 30 day, non-obligation, free trial of the software. You can also test our online Kanban Tool to see the functionality it offers, before you go for the On-Site application.

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