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The cloud-hosted services boom has forever changed how we collaborate, from data sharing through task assignment and reporting, bookkeeping, software development, meetings, online presentations - you name it.

But what if your priority or an organizational requirement is to keep the company data off the Internet?

Here is where an offline Kanban work management system provides an answer. Without relyiing on cloud based hosting, it allows you to still enjoy all the benefits of easy and efficient co-working in a digital Kanban application.

What is Kanban Tool On-Site?

Kanban Tool On-Site is one of the most popular self-hosted Kanban applications. It's the offline flavor of the original and highly successful Kanban Tool web service. Installed in an isolated environment on your company server, it facilitates team collaboration, file sharing, task assigning, due date management, and more. All of that is contained offline, behind your firewall. The intuitive Kanban-based software is available in 10-user annual license packs, and it's most popular with businesses in the banking, pharmaceutical, healthcare, finances, defense, and governmental organizations.

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What is Kanban?

A workflow organized with Kanban relies on a visual board divided into columns standing for each process step, filled with task cards representing the to-dos. The cards are placed in the columns appropriate to their completion stage, and the team agrees on a work-in-progress limit for the active steps. For instance, no more than three tasks can be sitting started in the doing column, and no more than two tasks can be in testing at any time. Limiting WIP ensures that work reaches completion faster and with fewer interruptions.

Why choose offline Kanban?

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The utmost benefit of applying the Kanban method to workflow management is increased team focus and higher process throughput, attributed to WIP limits and the transparent process visualization for all involved team members and stakeholders. By implementing an offline Kanban software, your team gets the best of both worlds: a customizable and intuitive application for their daily work, with uncompromised data security and absolute control over its location, backups, and maintenance procedures.

What can you gain
by using offline Kanban?

  • A secure space for data sharing and collaboration
  • 100% control over access to your company files, software update times, and backup procedures
  • Convenient and easy teamwork
  • Reduced waste in process and resources, thanks to item assignment control and WIP limits
  • Reduced management needs, as all collaboration aspects - the workflow, documentation, and resource management - are handled within one system
  • Automated performance metrics, i.e., cumulative flow, lead and cycle time, and time reports, to aid your continuous process improvement efforts

Want to try it before committing?

Thanks to its convenient installation package for deployment in virtual machine software, Kanban Tool On-Site can easily be tested in your infrastructure! Contact us, and we will provide you with a trial installation pack, allowing your team to run a 14-day, obligation-free test of the software. If it meets your team's needs and you decide to carry on using it, a move to a production license asks only for a license key update. You might also test the Kanban Tool online to try the functionality before you set up an On-Site application for your team.

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