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A visual task manager is a software based on a concept that allows people to organize work in a visual way. This is a method of creating an information-rich environment by the use of signals, symbols, colors and objects. It aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a process by making the steps in that process easily visible. Visual task management supports team communication and information exchange. It helps the team know what the current status is and what to do next. It is not only effective but also very enjoyable, it creates a much calmer work environment.

Visual Task Manager

Visual task management - how will you benefit from it?

We receive more than 80% of information through sight. Why not use this fact to help your team achieve better results and to let your business grow faster? First of all, visual task management provides a mechanism for continuous improvement through system alignment, goal clarity, engaging the people in the process and through improved communication and information sharing throughout the organization. Secondly, this approach helps people to see the mission, vision, core values, and results required to gain competitive advantage and to improve performance.

The list of benefits, that visual task management can have on your business includes: the highlight of critical information, focusing of attention on performance, and addressing performance issues at all levels, cutting through information overload, making the work more meaningful and easier to manage.

Visual task manager by Kanban Tool

A visual task manager should be simple, user-friendly and powerful at the same time. That is exactly what Kanban Tool is like.

Kanban Tool is a web-based application that allows you to organize your work and projects with cards placed on a virtual board. Manage tasks in a visual way using 22 card colors that inform you about the task's priority or type. Easily visualize your workflow on an online board and track project progress with insightful analytics and metrics. Now, to improve your performance, you only need to take a quick look at the Cumulative Flow Diagram to identify problems and bottlenecks undetectable before. What else?

Track multiple projects on one board using horizontal swimlanes
Collaborate in real time with your team
Use online documents to share other important information
Use breakdown charts to get a quick insight into project status

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