Process Management ToolWhat's the best tool for effective process management?

Process management has one purpose: workflow improvement. By doing this, the overall productivity gets a boost, process waste should get reduced, the team's focus and efficiency shall be raised. Without an effective process management tool, even a simple workflow is likely to be stumbling.

Why does your business need it?

The idea behind implementing any management tool, is to diminish human errors and facilitate easier focusing on each of the team member's role. That is done via simplified communication, reduced number of meetings and using visual methods of informing on process status.

A Process Management Tool

What qualities do you need from an effective process management tool to make sure it will work?

  • Simplicity and flexibility: the tool doesn't force any system settings upon your process, but allows you to map your exact process with custom options.
  • Visual approach to presentation of status - minimizes time necessary for updates intake.
  • Clear and easy to follow rules - the process management tool isn't meant to become another to-do on your team's list - they should be able to follow it right away.
  • Visible reduction of waste in time and workload - it should provide ways to accomplish things much faster than before.
  • Optional functionality, that will make the process simpler, more modern and continuously updated with time.
  • Analytical features - gathering statistical information as backbone for deciding on directions of change in the future, and allowing to predict possible impediments or delays.
  • Accessibility for the entire team: understanding the process as a whole promotes better appreciation of what is expected from each contributor.
  • Aids ensuring a continuous item delivery, and project completion - it's easy to make a start on many things, but it rarely means that the same number of items gets finished.
  • Ways of making simplicity of the process management tool ever present in the team's work - ensuring that a unified system is in place helps to maintain a sense of direction and harmony among the team, and eases collaboration.

What process management tool provides all these features?

Kanban Tool can be easily characterized with all of the above qualities.

Kanban is a simple yet effective project management method, utilizing a visual board, splitting the workflow into at least 3 columns: to do, doing, done and applying a Work In Progress limit on the "Doing" section, thereby increasing process throughput.

Kanban Metrics

The original online Kanban board software has all you need from a reliable process management tool. Kanban Tool is:

  • Simple to learn and to follow.
  • Based on Kanban rules of process visualization and limiting the work in progress.
  • Built on a system of Kanban cards, fitted with online attachments, comments, checklists, due dates, priorities, assignments - all contributing to visible reduction in communication time, elimination of unnecessary or work, and to cutting down the required number of meetings.
  • Customizable and editable throughout the process.
  • Equipped with a broad Analytics section to monitor the process at all stages, and allowing to eliminate bottlenecks and foresee project delay or failure.
  • Supplied with a Time Tracking feature, allowing to measure the team's performance in detail.
  • Accessible to all team members at all time: it is an online service, that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of day or night, with real-time updates, making communication extra effective.
  • Promoting a continuous delivery by putting a strict limit on the number of items that can be processed at one time - the fewer things had been started - the more will get completed, since pulling a new work item requires finishing a previously opened one.
  • Designed to unify the team's way of communication by applying useful comment window to all task items, aided by email notifications about recent activity regarding user assignments.

Kanban Tool - the top process management software

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