Why would you want to use Kanban?

Why Use Kanban Tool

The modern Kanban is a way of visualizing and managing workflow. It was started in Japan by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota. At first successfully used for industrial process optimization, since the early 2000s, the method's been adapted for software development teams and later any business industry.
The focus is to absolutely limit the amount of work in progress per team member, therefore promoting greater productivity and less time wasted on repetitive communication. The other staking point is the visualization of workflow - making it much easier to get orientated in the process, just by taking a glance at the Kanban board.

How would you benefit from using Kanban:

Follow the information and prioritize your tasks

Ignore your inability to organize and rely on Kanban

Always be up-to-date

Ensure that the whole team follows

Make team communication a child's play

Never miss a deadline again

Unlimited access from wherever you are

Flexible tool with a flexible layout

Agility: not only fashion, but pure benefit

The big one: productivity increase

Improve your team performance like Kanban Tool happy customers did:

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