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A task board is considered to be one of the most successful tools for teamwork. Its simplicity and flexibility are most frequently cited reasons for choosing and implementing task boards by companies in different industries. The board allows to improve workflow visibility and ensures efficient diffusion of information relevant to the whole team. It helps team members to see their progress at a glance, and to become more collaborative by naturally reducing the tendency to create piles of work.

This is a solution for everyone. Although it is at the heart of Scrum and is typically used by software development teams, it can be successfully applied to other businesses, as well as used for improving personal productivity. It can be used for visual task management and workflow coordination in event companies, marketing and interactive agencies or sales departments. A task board is perfect for individuals, teams and any type of organizations that want to benefit from workflow visualization.

A physical or an online task board?

Online Task Board Tool

The basic form of a task board is a physical board, that can be drawn anywhere, but most often occurs on a whiteboard. Sticky notes or index cards are placed in columns reflecting current status of work. This is a simple, yet powerful method, that helps to complete all tasks on time, reduce waste and achieve better results. However, a growing number of people use online task boards instead of physical ones. An online Kanban board is a user-friendly and highly productive web application, that allows you to track workflow and to collaborate in real-time. Both options have supporters and detractors - below we compare main advantages of the two.

Advantages of using a physical task board:

  • Encourages face-to-face communication between team members and managers
  • Cards provide only necessary and relevant data
  • Holding a card creates a feeling of task ownership and responsibility
  • Physical board creates a focal point for stand-ups

Advantages of using an online task board:

Kanban Board Online

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