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Productive tips to work faster

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Mastering productivity is the linchpin of a balanced and accomplished life, and the quest for efficiency demands a strategic approach. Here, we gather a set of proven approaches and tricks to catalyze productivity, ensuring improved efficiency, higher work quality, and perhaps even more time off!

Prioritization and focus

The ability to prioritize effectively is central to productivity, but mastering it isn't easy, given the number of factors affecting our understanding of the importance of the different tasks. The Pareto Principle underscores that a small fraction of effort often yields the majority of results, emphasizing the need to discern between what's urgent and important. Is what you're doing under pressure truly contributing to progress? Paying attention to the difference between meaningful and time-sensitive tasks should make prioritization easier.
Furthermore, do your best not to give in to procrastination and hamper your progress. Acknowledge it when it presents, and then act promptly against all notions of putting things off until later.

Deep work

A woman wearing headphones is focused on her laptop screen

The concept of deep work utilizes the power of undistracted focus. By immersing yourself in intense, uninterrupted work sessions, you'll harness your cognitive abilities for peak productivity, achieving more and potentially to a higher standard than if you stayed open to distractions. Also, reflect on past interruptions to mitigate them for the focused work sessions.

Task management and delegation

Streamlining tasks and their strategic management is pivotal. The 'Two-Minute Rule' suggests immediate action for quick tasks, while the Eisenhower Matrix helps classify tasks by urgency and importance, enabling a more structured workflow. On top of that, be sure to outsource tasks when others can handle them more effectively or have the capacity you're lacking. Lighten your load whenever possible.

Eliminating redundancy

A woman is calmly handing over an assignment to someone else

Efficiency thrives on avoiding redundancy - e.g., the 'Don’t Repeat Yourself' (DRY) principle encourages automation, delegation, or reuse of tasks completed in the past. Be sure to benefit from project management systems that offer robust automation and repeat work features.

Embracing singular focus

Deliberate single-tasking counters the myth of multitasking, allowing for deeper concentration and higher quality output, not to mention a more manageable and healthier work environment. Implementing a visual Kanban board with automatic Work In Progress (WIP) limits can act as a visual aid, prompting focused attention on a limited number of tasks at a time, preventing overload and reinforcing your commitment to single-tasking. Complementing this, productivity journaling or tracking tasks in a digital work planner can foster self-reflection and continuous improvement by tracing activities, achievements, and challenges.

Leveraging technology

Integrating technological tools like Kanban Tool further complements the above strategies by providing real-time progress illustration, analytics, and a structured framework for effective task management and collaboration. With its additional features, you can also aid your cyclical work, set reminders of paramount actions, automate iterative activities, and measure how long you need to complete tasks of various types.

One of the key characteristics of Kanban Tool is its visual approach to work illustration, allowing for the creation of custom workflow layouts with:

  • columns representing completion stages
  • swimlanes standing for various instances of your projects, products, or clients
  • and with task cards signaling individual to-dos/actions.
A Kanban Tool board with swimlanes and various on-card displayed features

With the use of task colors, the priority, due date, assignment, and custom card icons, as well as features such as images and information previews on card fronts, active timer animation, or the task block and interactive checklists, it only takes a single glance to tell what is happening, what needs doing next and how much you or your team have done so far!

By amalgamating an intuitive productivity service such as Kanban Tool with the above strategies, you create a system that transcends mere time management, fostering a mindful and composed approach to work and aligning your actions with impactful outcomes.

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