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As time becomes more scarce, learning how to improve productivity becomes essential for leading a balanced life. No-one wants to spend every second of a day juggling several tasks at hand. There's no magical way to extend the number of hours in a day. With the limited time we have and the amounts of tasks to do, we really need some solution to help our productivity. Here are some simple to follow tips on how to work faster and be productive with great results.

Tip 1: Focus

The Pareto rule says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of what you spend your time on. Remember to ask yourself: „Is what I am doing right now really contributing to the progress?”

Tip 2: Prioritize

Not all work tasks are of equal importance. When deciding which tasks require your immediate attention, focus on the consequences of not completing the task. Remember that even an urgent task with an extended deadline for completion can sometimes be put on hold for the completion of a job with an immediate deadline.

Tip 3: Delegate

If you can outsource some of your tasks to others, who can do them better or who simply have the time at their hands, then... do it!

Tip 4: Avoid Interruptions

Interruptions kill your effectiveness. If you are constantly interrupted and lose focus on what you are doing, you have to adjust your working environment.
Think back to your last workday, and consider for a minute the many interruptions that occurred. Try to find simple ways to avoid them now and in the future.

Tip 5: Stop procrastination

When procrastinating starts to interfere with performance at work it's time to break the cycle of putting off important tasks. That kind of activity serves no-one, so don't do it - just realize that putting things off does not make them go away.

Tip 6: Do instead of think

It is amazing how much you can do when you stop questioning and just do what needs doing. Put all your tasks on the board through them one by one!

Tip 7: Do a daily checkout

At the end of a day find a little time to analyze your results. Analyze your workflow and what you have learnt today.

Tip 8: Raise Your Own Expectations

Raising your own personal expectations can enable you to accomplish more than you’ve ever thought possible. Set courageous goals and you will achieve outstanding results.

Tip 9: Icrease effectiveness through technology!

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