A Fast Track to Higher Productivity with use of online Kanban boards

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In a difficult economic climate, businesses need to increase profits as much as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to increase your empoyees productivity. How to do that? Watch the presentation and improve how effective your employees are.

There are many tools aiming to increase business productivity. However, more and more companies choose the simplest and the most universal solutions. Today, millions of people around the world use online Kanban boards to manage their tasks and projects, and to collaborate in real time, increasing productivity and decreasing workplace chaos.

An online Kanban Tool in a nutshell

A web-based tool to manage your activities
Perfect for distributed teams
Real time collaboration, accessible from anywhere
Drag & drop interface and simple customization
In-depth analytics and reports
JIRA and Zapier integrations
Mobile app for Android
On-Site security version

A short guide to the use of Kanban Tool

Visualize your work - organize work and projects with cards placed on a Kanban board
Choose a Kanban board template...
..or create a Kanban board of your own
Make your work transparent by using a variety of colors
Organize different types of information on Kanban cards
Customize Kanban cards layout to suit your needs - define your own custom fields to add information that is important to you
Archive finished tasks so they don't waste space on the board. You can always go back to them
Collaborate in real time - use Kanban online boards to share tasks, information, comments and collaborate on work to do. Stay up to date with RSS feeds and email notifications
Analyze & Improve - analyze your workflow and remove bottlenecks to improve your work efficiency using insightful analytics & metrics. Use the Breakdown Chart to get a quick insight into the project status and measure cycle time using the Cumulative Flow Diagram

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