Scrum, Kanbanor maybe Scrumban?

Scrum and Kanban are both project management methods, based on splitting the work load into small, easily manageable tasks.

Scrum subdivides Sprints (a couple week long work plan) into items, it also subdivides the team into cross-divisional workgroups and it works on the idea that the job (usually software, as that's the business that Scrum has been perfected for) is usable after each iteration (sprint).

Kanban, in turn, puts focus onto visualization of the work load on limiting work in progress at any time. It makes no rule of splitting the team. Kanban utilizes each step of the work process as an opportunity to improve. With the analytical functions that can be extracted from the task data, this continuous improvement is in fact easy to achieve.

Why did someone decide to join the two and start Scrumban?

As Scrum works best for larger teams and is somewhat restricted to the business type that it can be applied to (because of the iterating mode), it seems like a fine idea to marry it with more uniform Kanban.

Daily Scrum Kanban Meeting
Scrum Kanban board

How does it work?

What you take from Scrum is the sprint idea (planning work for some defined amount of time), the stand-up meetings and all else artifacts (perhaps a whiteboard). On top of this you'd add WIP limits, applied for any point in time (not per sprint, like in Scrum), a simple visualization of workflow and the determination to review progress and therefore allow for continuous improvement.

Scrumban benefits

By joining the two you really get the best of both. More short-term project goals, much more accurate work in progress limits, constant streamlining of the process and a good team-building stand-ups every day. If this seems like a good solution, why not try Kanban Tool? It allows you to see a nice, graphic representation of the workflow, that will enable you to get an "at a glance" idea of the current status. It makes team collaboration easy and enjoyable (no matter how far apart the team members may be) and it provides extensive Analytics, which will be your base of finding what your team can improve upon. Together with Time Tracking, My Work widget and online attachments, this is the best place to take your first step towards a great productivity increase.

Scrumban with Kanban Tool

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