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Did you know that we receive 70%-95% of information through visual perception? A human eye can see visual patterns 65,000 times faster in a picture than in a tabular form. That is why the latest trend in project management highlights visualization. It has been proven by management practitioners that visualization techniques can improve the productivity of an entire organization.

Foundations of a visual management

Visual Management Board

A visual management board represents work items that are being done by a team. There are three core elements of a visual board: The process (workflow) - make sure you understand your business process. Next, divide a Kanban board into columns that reflect your workflow stages. Be prepared for this to evolve and improve over time. Work items - these could be orders, features, service requests and other. The pull model - workers grab the next available task as they finish their current task. Let your team members pull their work from a project backlog.

A visual approach can be implemented in any team or company. You should really take it into consideration if your team experiences any of the following problems:
Lack of accountability - high visibility of Kanban Tool will ensure that team members cannot hide their work
Lack of initiative - pull model will force team members to learn to define and select their own work
A high risk degree - the number of potential risk sources decreases when the process is clearly visible

Visual approach benefits

A visual management board helps you see the big picture, structure your activities, monitor and improve performance. The list of advantages is very long. Try visual approach to: improve communication between team members, help your team to stay focused on their goals, overcome impediments, identify and reduce waste.

Colors in Visual ManagementUsing colors

Color is an important element of the visual management concept. Using colors for different work item types enables everyone to see what exactly is happening and where they should direct their attention first.

Visual Management Tools

Physical Visual Management Board

There are two types of visual management boards: physical (offline) and online boards. A physical board with stickies can be drawn anywhere, but most often occurs on a whiteboard. Such a solution encourages face-to-face communication between team members. Secondly, low card capacity ensures that it provides only necessary data. Moreover, physical cards create a feeling of task ownership and responsibility.
An online visual management board is an intuitive and highly-productive web application that allows you to collaborate in real-time. As a virtual tool, it's accessible from anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, it offers information-rich cards, easy and fast customization and automatically generated metrics. It is a solution of choice for large and distributed teams, that want to achieve significantly better results.

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