Free Kanban Tool

The Kanban method has been getting more and more attention over the last decade. We've seen the simple task visualizing approach to getting things done gain popularity not only in software development, but among all industries and informal teamwork too.

Also, thanks to the Personal Kanban implementation, as described by Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria Barry in their book: Personal Kanban: Mapping Work - Navigating Life, individuals have been taking on Kanban as a means of organizing their daily chores and short- and long-term projects. By limiting the amount of tasks that are being done at one time (setting work in progress limits), people are able to be more focused and therefore effective with the work.

free Kanban Tool

In order to get started with Kanban you can go one of two ways - make a physical board and use sticky notes on it or use an online Kanban board. In each case, the idea is to divide the board into stages representing the process (i.e. to do - doing - done), and to slide cards from stage to stage, as the work goes on. The benefits of either of them need to be weight for your individual needs. You may prefer to have the board always present in the room, visible to everyone in it, or you may choose having the ability to access and use it wherever you go and share it with someone who stays elsewhere.

Productivity increase doesn't have to cost a thing

However, the most cost-effective way to do Kanban is a free online Kanban Tool. With this approach you get 2 boards for 2 users for your different projects, each of which can store as many swimlanes (projects within a project) as you need. You can share them with another person, so that a cooperation is possible.

Along with the free Kanban Tool account, you can enjoy:

  • automatic WIP limits - to make sure that you don't waste time multi-tasking
  • 22 different card types (colours) - to get the visualization as effective as possible
  • deadline management - to ensure you get the jobs done on time
  • calendar integration - to be able to see what needs doing in your favourite calendar
  • to-do lists within cards - so that you can divide the work into clear steps
  • Kanban board templates - for ease of getting started
  • a choice of Power-Ups - useful optional features for making the use of Kanban Tool even more efficient
  • board Analytics - to get information on task distribution and statistics of the progress of work
  • the ability to add and comment tasks from your email
  • free Android or iOS application
Free Kanban Tool

The benefits of using a free Kanban Tool are: greater productivity, reduced waste of both time and effort and
a sense of control over everything that you're meant to be doing - quite priceless, really.

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