Kanban BoardsManage your projects visually

Kanban boards are an easy solution to common project management difficulties, such as inefficient flow of work, no insight into a process, or lack of accountability for completed tasks. A Kanban board splits a process visually into stages, e.g. to do - doing - review - done, making the process easy to follow, and clearly showing current status
of every single task. Sounds too simple to be able to make a difference? In fact, it is exactly Kanban's simplicity,
that has enabled the method's success in recent 10-15 years.
To be able to use a Kanban board, you only need to know a few basic things:

Create a board specific to your needs

Split a board into columns matching your work stages. Most people base this on completion state, using phases like undone, waiting
for approval, in progress, in review, done
or in monitoring. Others choose to base their board columns on a time frame - as in some day, this month, this week, today etc. And some create workflow stages based on certain events, for instance: non-approved, approved, consulted with client, worked on, being re-done and completed. Thanks to Kanban's low initial requirements, how work stages are defined is entirely up to you.

Physical Office Board

Share the board with the team

Kanban is designed for teamwork. Make sure that all of the team members have easy access to the board, so that they can update their work activity on it. Some teams build their boards on office whiteboards and that works great, for as long as the team sits in one room. If your team is more scattered around the office, town or country, you will benefit more from using a Kanban board stored online. Such a board is a hustle-free, easily editable, online application, that your team can access via a web browser or smartphone, regardless of their location and working hours.

Kanban boards - Kanbantool

Monitor results, to identify improvement opportunities

As tasks are moved through the stages, according to work being done on them, it becomes easy to notice if there are any problems within the process. For example, tasks piling up in a given column are a clear sign of trouble.
The team is either having hard time with one of the tasks, and it's making them unable to move on to new tasks arriving below it, or, there are simply too many tasks for your current team size. An inefficiency like this, once noticed, can be dealt with, in order to keep a healthy process and a happy team.

Additional benefits of online Kanban

Compared to physical Kanban, an online board can hold a lot more information, and do a lot more, than just display project status. For example, it can keep automatic Work In Progress limits for you, send notifications about key events, automate your processes, time your team and generate metrics of the project performance.
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