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A kanban board is a great means of project management basing on Kanban method. By dividing the workflow into columns representing the state of the tasks (backlog, in progress, done) it allows users a great visualization of the whole process. It enables an at a glance view of the project.
Kanban boards can take a traditional - physical board form (a whiteboard, a cardboard board or part of a wall), or they can be virtual - editable in web application.

Physical Kanban boards

On these boards the information is either written or pasted on colorful sticky notes. The notes are then moved as the project progresses. A great advantage of using a physical board is the fact that it creates a good focus point for meetings. Also, because the board is usually hanged in a well visible place, it works as an information radiator, making all employees aware of the project status.

Physical Kanban Board Example

Online Kanban boards

These are virtual management tools, available in a web browser. The biggest advantage of using an online Kanban board is the ability to access it where ever you are and at all times. So working from home is no longer a management issue. Another advantage is the online board's flexibility. Because it doesn't take a physical form, you can easily change the set up at any given moment. Adding columns, swimlanes or enlarging something is not a problem.

Also, with Kanban Tool you can send your board onto a large screen via Kanban Cast, so that the team has an information radiator to boost their focus and direct their attention in the right way. An extraordinary boost for online Kanban boards is the addition of Analytics. With that you can follow your team's progress and their productivity levels. By use of the Time Tracking feature you can analyze their work down to one minute. Great for avoiding bottlenecks and tracking down problematic spots, knowing when and to which department to add extra resources.

Visual management board

Types of boards

There is a number of board types available for you, depending on your particular needs and business type, as well as team size.

A basic Kanban board: utilizing the minimal Kanban principles - this board will consist of 3 columns: backlog, in progress and done. Very easy to follow.
A time driven Kanban board: this is a type of board, in which the columns represent the time brackets in which tasks are meant to be done (i.e. backlog, to do: soon / tomorrow / today, doing: waiting / in progress. This solution is perfect for businesses and people whose work is organized by the amount of time left before completing something.
An event driven Kanban board - this one follows the development of a task with accordance to particular events that happen to it, for instance an initial approval, first-phase testing, final approval, quality assurance, deployment. This way the team always know at what stage exactly the task is.
A basic team board: a great way of improving Kanban boards for teams is using buffer / waiting columns, that will ensure that there are as little as possible times, when team members await unproductively for the next task to be available to pull from a previous stage. By allowing buffer columns, people always have something to start working on.
Team boards for different kinds of businesses: thanks to easy customization of the boards, you can adjust the shape of your board to fit your workflow exactly. For instance, when your business is creating a product, you can place each step of the process on the board, from gathering resources, analyzing them, designing the product, testing, approving, quality checks to final packaging choosing and deciding on a sales model. It's highly benefitial to be able to trace each and every step of the way, with tracking room for improvement and getting information on how long exactly it took on each level.
There can be as many board types, as many business types there are. And Kanban suits all of them, as hardly any venture doesn't involve a process of some kind.

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