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Kanban is a way of managing work process, involving two simple rules - graphic visualization of the workflow and applying a limit on the number of tasks that can be processed at once. Thanks to these 2 principles, the productivity increases and the process gets improved.

Online Kanban

The idea of using Kanban method online is brilliant, as it enables all users to follow the progress of work in real-time, no matter where they are, as long as they are connected to the internet.
This solves any possible problems with remote team locations, working from home or distributing the team across different time zones. The changes applied in the software are instantly updated in every instance of the account. How great is this?

How to get started?

  1. 1: Register online to the online Kanban Tool service

  2. 2: Invite your team to join you

  3. 3: Create a board and share it with your team

  4. 4: Create tasks on the board and watch the team members pulling new tasks for themselves as they become available

  5. 5: Now you can all follow the progress of work, as it happens - task cards move from stage to stage until they end up completed

  6. 6: By folowing the Analytics you can track how well (and if) the process works fine, or whether you need to employ more people or redirect more manpower to a certain stage of the process

  7. 7: Your collaboration becomes smoother and more efficient, as you perfect it with Kanban Tool's great features: due dates, comments, checklists, online attachments, seamless Time Tracking, great integration with popular file hosting services and other applications, as well as many Power-Ups (advanced features activated on demand) and My Work widget, which helps to to plan your personal work along multiple Kanban boards.

So, why wait any longer?
Try it now for free (there is a completely free trial) and find out how much more productive yours and your team's work can be.

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