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Kanban is a simple and effective way to manage your tasks or projects. It is based on two rules: visualization of workflow and limitation of the number of tasks being in progress at any time. By following these two principles, you get to save time which you'd normally spend on getting organized and perform your tasks much quicker.

Why does it make sense?

The idea behind limiting the amount of work in progress is, that by doing just one (or two) things at a time, you get to focus much better and thereby - one task after another - do a better job. Also you save a lot of time, because you're always fully concentrated on what you do, rather than juggling tasks and wasting time on adjusting from working on one type of thing to starting another.

Free Kanban

How brilliant is Kanban?

With Kanban Tool you can have free Kanban boards to manage your work tasks and daily private chores. All of them on-line and accessible from anywhere and at all times. So, should you happen to remember an important task while walking your dog, you can simply add the new task to your Kanban board from a smartphone. So, whether you're at home or at work, on holidays or doing shopping - your tasks can always be with you, ready to be organized for whenever you're ready to get working on them.

To sum up: the benefits of using Kanban Tool free board are:

  • No costs at all!

  • Access to your tasks from everywhere and at any time

  • Better organization in your work and private life

  • Great savings on time and effort, as you stop wasting time on planning and transitioning between tasks

  • Flexibility - with Kanban Tool you can change the way you work within seconds, there are no restrains on what you do with it and how you work, it easily adapts to your needs

  • Never missing a deadline again - Kanban Tool's great functions (like due date and priorities) will make keeping dates and obligations a child's play

  • Process streamlining (since you can monitor your performance with Analytics, it's never been easier to see what are the common mistakes you make and when you're making the least progress, what can be perfected); all in all this adds up to greater productivity and more time off for you!

The original Kanban Tool

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