How to use the Recurring tasks Power-Up?

Getting started

Recurring Tasks let you minimize effort needed to set up work items that need doing periodically - every day, week, month etc.
To make a task pop up into your board on a specific date or dates, you first need to have this task on your board. Fill in all the details needed for this task completion.
Once done, use the context menu of the card - right-click a closed task, or use the in-card hamburger / 3-line menu - and choose make recurring: Make task recurring

In the pop-up menu, please choose when this task should appear on your board. You can either use general repetition (daily, weekly, monthly), or use a custom schedule if more precision is needed. Make Task Recurring

Schedule editing

As this is successfully set up, the task will be moved from the board to the side panel, under Recurring tasks. When the time you’ve chosen for this task comes, the task will appear in the same column, in which it had originally been created.
At the same time, information about the next planned occurrence of this task can be seen and edited in the Recurring tasks side panel.
To edit the schedule, use the pencil icon, and to stop recurring, please use the “x” mark. Edit - stop the schedule

Although tasks set to recur are hidden on the board until their set time comes, you can filter the board view to see them. This can be done from the filter box - Recurring. You can make edits to the recurring schedule from this view as well. Filter Recurring Tasks