Time Tracking configuration

Configuration of Time Tracking is quite easy and only requires a few modifications in your board settings.
To set up your Time Tracking, please go to Settings - Board editor and edit the Lane types in each column setting.

There are three possible lane types which will trigger an action for your timers.
  • Queue / Waiting - Idle columns in which the timer will pause.
  • In progress - Your working column in which the timer will start.
  • Done - Finished your work? Pulling cards into this column will stop the timer and remove it from the list.
The most important are In Progress / Working and Done / Finished columns. These will allow you to start benefiting from time tracking without any additional actions in your daily work. All you will have to do is move the card to your column and the timer will start itself. Nothing changes!

In your board editor edit the working column and select the In Progress lane type. Time tracking - lane type Now modify your Done / Finished column in the same fashion. Set the column type to Done and confirm your choice.
Set all remaining columns to Queue / Waiting if you wish the tasks to pause upon entering.
Once you are done with your lane types you are ready to use our seamless Time Tracking!
You can always start the timers manually or simply drag the tasks to proper columns.