Access your time reports

What’s time tracking for without reports, right? We have two kinds of reports for you: a Summary Report - with a view of important statistics and summaries of the workflow, and a Detailed Report, showing a detailed list of all your records.

Furthermore, you can export your reports to a PDF file and print them out or simply save it to a CSV file. The printer and export buttons are located just below the bar graph in the case of Summary Report and on top of the list in the Detailed Report.

The Summary Report will give you all the significant information about your team’s activity. Summary report

You can filter the report by:

  1. Boards - select boards for which the reports should be generated. You can select as many boards as you want.
  2. Time interval - press the arrows to move your statistics by weeks. Click on the small calendar icon to set your custom time interval.
  3. Users - check the users whose records you want to see in your reports.
  4. Task types - choose the task types that you want to take into consideration.
  5. Tags - filter your reports by tags.
  6. Swimlanes - filter your reports by swimlanes

Bar stats in time report

  • The bar metric will display the total time spent each day on your chosen tasks. Each bar is a separate day and the height indicates the time spent. Summary report - time tracking

  • The breakdown chart will display a pie chart according to your filters. You can group it by users, tasks, current card type, boards, swimlanes, or stages. Those can be further grouped by the same attributes. If you click on an item in the left-hand side list, a list of secondary items will expand. All of that can be sorted by name or duration.
    Grouping by column (stage) is of particular value to your knowledge about the process - with it, you can easily tell in which stage the team is spending the most time. Great information, if you’re considering what specialists you need to hire more of. Time Report Sorted by Column

  • Keep in mind that you can click on each element of a breakdown chart to view a more detailed bar graph.

  • The Detailed Report will display a detailed list of all your timers. Time tracking detailed report

  • You can filter the results in the same way you were able to filter the Summary Report. In the top left, you will see a sum of time spent, the number of tasks, and the total number of entries. Every time you start and pause the timer, you are creating a new entry.

  • Also here, you can edit your entries. If you are an account owner you can modify and remove any entry, by clicking the icons at the right end of each row. If you are just a regular user, you will be able to edit or remove your entries only. Click here to learn more.

  • It’s possible to access the time report directly via a customized URL. Please use the chain link icon below your Report to copy the URL. By changing data inside it (timeframe, report type, users, card types, swimlanes, and board IDs) you can generate a custom report outside of Kanban Tool GUI. Time Report URL