I want to add tasks via email to Kanban Tool

In order to add tasks to your Kanban board via email, you will need to use an email address that is directly assigned to your Kanban board. To do this, please click on the Tools menu in the top right corner of your board view and choose add tasks from email. Learn Your Boards Email Address

Please copy the email address displayed. This is a unique address assigned to your board. Sending emails to this address will add tasks to your board.

The subject of the message will be the name of the task, while the message itself will constitute the description of the task.
Filling the subject field is required for the creation of the task on your board. Please note that you can write up to 256 signs in task name field.

You can also include any type of files in the email, as regular attachments (note the size limit for 1 file and 1 email being 20 MB). These will get added to the task in Kanban Tool as attachments. The functionality can greatly ease your email management - just forward all emails to your board and plan them into your workflow.

Adding more advanced tasks via email

You can further determine the features of the task, by adding tags to the subject of the email.
The names of the tags correspond with the names on your Kanban board and determine the location of the new task added to the board.
Tags should be added before the name of the task in square brackets, without spaces.

You can set some of the card attributes in an email. All of them need to be set in the email subject, each within square brackets. The attributes currently supported are:

  • column name
  • swimlane name
  • card type
  • assigned user initials
  • priority (high or low)
  • due date (YEAR-MONTH-DAY i.e. [2013-10-29])

Any other attribute set in email subject within square brackets will go to the tags field.

Example 1 - for a simpler task:
[Yellow][To do]Task 1
An email subject written like this will assign a yellow card to the To do column of the Kanban board, and the task will be named Task 1.

Example 2 - for a more advanced task:
[High][Red][Waiting][Marketing][BT][2016-11-08]Perform A/B tests
A subject written like this will assign a high priority, red card, that is due on 2016-11-08 to the Waiting column of the Marketing swimlane with the name of Bill Thompson and a task name Perform A/B tests.

Email Example - Emailing Tasks to Board