Is there a due date reminder functionality?

Automatic, on the day due date reminders

Kanban Tool’s due date reminder email is a great way of staying on top of all your due tasks across multiple boards. At a time chosen by yourself, you’ll get an email notification of all your tasks due today (if an AM hour is chosen) or due on the next day (if a PM hour is selected). The email will name due dates for tasks that were assigned to you or created by you and kept unassigned, so - by assumption - meant for you.

To manage your reminder email preferences, please go to My Profile, available under your name displayed in the top right corner of the dashboard view (all board names). On the Edit my details page, choose the time of the email arrival and save changes. Is there a due date reminder functionality Note: If you don’t want to receive these emails, simply select “Never” from the hour selection dropdown.

Individual, ahead of time due date reminders

If you’re interested in being reminded of a particular task, as opposed to all due tasks, and you’d like to get the reminder days or weeks ahead of the due date, please use the Task Reminders Power-Up. Not only does it allow for custom email date and time choice, but it also lets you choose whom to send the email to - several people can be notified at once.

Furthermore, you can give the reminder a form other than an email - for example, on a given date and time - set a task to move to the top of a column, have its color, assignment, or priority changed. Sometimes this will be of more use than an email.

Task Reminders - Timeframe selection

If you’re not sure how to use due dates functionality with Kanban Tool, please visit this page.