Kanban board

Kanban boards are essential to the Kanban method. Here you will learn how to organize your workflow, map its structure to the board layout, set WIP limits and visualize your work to improve performance.

Cracking the WIP

by David Peterson

If you’re having trouble adjusting to working with limited amounts of Work-In-Progress, David is here to help and sympathize. Getting used to it can take time, but it’s worth the effort, as the benefits are plain to see. Learn his advice on this.

The Kanban Board

by David Joyce

When looking at Kanban in management terms, this is an ongoing exercise in matching supply with demand, aimed at delivering the right number of items at just the right time.
Kanban board serves the purpose of a visual control. The actual signals that we read from this board are differences between the set WIP limit and the number of cards in a given process stage. Keep reading to learn what Kanban is in less than 5 minutes!

10 Kanban Boards and their Context

by Mattias Skarin

Looking to implement a Kanban board in development, operations or marketing and sales but you do not know where to start? Mattias Skarin has prepared a handy ebook with a set of over 10 examples of Kanban boards with their contexts, class of service and lists of pros and cons. The author has also added some useful tips and guidelines, and all in a visual way. This is the perfect guide to set your first advanced Kanban board.

Importance of Kanban Work in Progress (WIP) Limits

by Charan Atreya

Ever heard of phantom traffic jams? Without obvious reasons, like construction work or road block, the flow of cars just slows down. It has been researched and stated that the cause of this can be something as simple as slight differences in drivers behavior - breaking to hard, starting too late after a stop etc. This relates directly to the way that product delivery can be massively delayed. Find out how to avoid this.

Kanban Boards Step by Step

by Giulio Roggero

Kanban boards are an important visual aspect of applying the Agile method. How do they work? View this excellent presentation to learn the principles behind a working Kanban board and gain knowledge about streamlining your processes.