Kanban Kick-Start

Want to get on the road to more productive work and better results in your organization fast? Grab some advice on how to implement Kanban in a quick, but correct way. Once you do, your team will never look back!

Kanban Kick-Start Example

by Henrik Kniberg

For those who want to get going with Kanban immediately, Henrik Kniberg had prepared a Kanban kick-start example. It’s a teamwork board with visual hints on how to do things. This shall help you to find out how to use Kanban, what a typical Kanban pattern looks like and how to fill in a Kanban card.

Kanban - It's Easy to Get Started

by J.D. Meier

Kanban, with its process visualization and WIP limits, allows to optimize the cycle time (how long the team spends on completing one item). It facilitates bottlenecks detection and resolution, encourages process perfecting and raising the quality of work, throughout the process.
J.D. Meier takes us through how he got involved with Kanban, which is - by jumping right into it.

Implementing Kanban in Practice

by Vikram Gupta

Do you want to change the way you work and, hence introduce transparency, predictability, deliver faster and more often? Are you considering implementation of Kanban in your organization? If your answer is “yes”, but you don’t know how to do it, you should definitely read this interview with Dr. Arne Roock, author of the 30-page Kanban booklet “Stop Starting, Start Finishing”.

How Kanban Works

by Amr Noaman Abdel-Hamid

If you’re wondering what exactly makes Kanban effective, whether it’s the process visualization and task tracking, the WIP limits or the ability to measure and improve performance - read this article to find out what Amr Noaman Abdel-Hamid’s research found about it.
He performed a study of Kanban with regards to queuing theory and Little’s Law. In software development Little’s Law boils down to an relation, in which Work In Process equals Throughput times Cycle Time. Here, presented are 3 of the most common problems associated with Kanban application in process management.

Visualize Work: a Short Intro to Kanban Boards

by Carlo Pecchia

If your struggling to manage your work, Carlo Pecchia has a suggestion you may want to try – Kanban. One of the main reasons why people have trouble with work items planning and execution is their inability to visualize all the steps involved. It’s to them especially, that Kanban can be a revelation.