Personal Kanban

Learn how to integrate Kanban into your personal life. All daily chores, household care, family life and even weight loss can be organized and managed with a properly setup personal Kanban board. Visualize and manage work to regain control over your life.

Building Your First Personal Kanban

by Jim Benson

Getting started with Personal Kanban?
Jim Benson, perceived as the father of Personal Kanban, has written a blog post about creating your first Kanban board for personal purposes. Read on, to learn how to set up a Personal Kanban board tailored to your particular needs in just 3 simple steps.

5s in Personal Kanban

When doing Personal Kanban, you may feel that there isn’t much value in the particular ways you’re going on about it. Because you’re doing this just for yourself, the approach tends to differ from when you’re trying to optimize a full project management workflow. So, your task descriptions are less precise, often lack due dates or specific descriptions.
Now, this is all fine, you and no-one else are the master of your person and your time, but.. since you’ve already got involved with Personal Kanban, you may like to make the most of it. Basing on the original Japanese philosophy, here are some pointers (the 5S) to do just that.

Personal Kanban 101

by Jim Benson

This presentation is definitely worth watching. It includes everything you need to know about Personal Kanban as well as the answers to the most important questions concerning the Kanban method.
It describes in detail the two fundamental rules of Personal Kanban: visualize your work and limit WIP. Furthermore, the presentation contains the set of four easy steps for getting started with Personal Kanban.

Implementing Personal Kanban

by Jimmy Sjölund

Should you be one of the people whose idea of Kanban associates it only with software development or cars production, please know you’re not alone. Until some time ago, Jimmy Sjölund of Basefarm, a leader in hosting providing, had thought so too. As soon as he had discovered multiple books on Personal Kanban – an application of this management method to a person’s life or individual work, he was more than happy to try it.

Use Personal Kanban to Manage Your Job Hunt

by Johanna Rothman

Looking for a job is a stressful and complex process. Considering where to apply, polishing the resume, gathering and reviewing references, managing social media to keep up with the right network – all this is not only a lot to manage, but also a lot to be worrying about. Wouldn’t it be good to find a way of making this process easier and less time-consuming?