DevOps Kanban - Basics

Learn how to help your organization apply Kanban to software engineering, quality assurance and technology operations to rapidly produce quality software products and services. With stress on constant flow of work, communication, collaboration and integration, Kanban is becoming the method of choice for software development teams.

Kanban for Sysadmin

Adoption of Agile and Lean principles in web and software development is constantly increasing and experiences tremendous success. There are lot of articles, conferences, case studies and other types of information on how to apply Lean processes in software development. But there is hardly any information for sysadmins and system & operations teams. Here it is! Read more »

Lean Software Development Using Kanban

by Charan Atreya
Kanban presents an innovative approach to project management in software development. Nowadays, when building a software the specification changes more often than ever, because companies operate in extremely unstable environment. That's why project management should be more flexible and easily adapt to changes. Traditional approaches like eXtreme Programming (XP) lack this flexibility. Read more »

What is Kanban in Software Development?

by David Peterson
Kanban in software development is quite easy to implement but a bit more difficult to maintain. It is because there are always problems and bottlenecks appearing that do not allow the work to flow smoothly. Moreover, some developers can work faster than testers and it is typical for a bottleneck to form.
This article explains in detail how Kanban immediately reveals the pesky bottlenecks, allowing a project manager to solve them before they become a real issue. Read more »

How to Get Started with Kanban in Software Development

by Derick Bailey
How to implement Kanban into a software development environment? Learn the core concepts of Kanban and how to implement it into an existing system. No matter if you are currently using Scrum, RUP, XP or Waterfall, all you need to do is to follow four basic steps: define and visualize your process, limit work in progress (WIP), pull not push, monitor and improve. Read more »

What is DevOps in Agile?

by Mario Lucero
Seeing that Agile seems to be most strongly associated with DevOps, but not all of the interested and involved get the meaning of it right, Mario Lucero had been right feeling the need to clarify what it actually is and isn't. It's simple. Read more »